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The NFL draft is about a week away, and a ton of questions still remain. For the second straight year, the Miami Dolphins enter the draft with a large amount of capital. In late March, Miami traded back from the third pick to the twelfth pick with the San Francisco 49ers, and minutes later they traded up to the sixth pick with the Philadelphia Eagles. Even while sitting at the sixth spot, there are still rumors swirling about the Dolphins possibly trading back again

If they remain put, here are my rankings for the top prospects that should be available to the Dolphins with the 6th pick:

  1. Kyle Pitts 

At 6’6 and 240 lbs Kyle Pitts enters the draft as one of the best offensive weapons. For Miami this off-season and draft is all about surrounding Tua Tagovailoa with talent, and picking Pitts is one way to do so. Pitts is more than just a tight end as he can thrive at the receiver position. With his versatility and catching ability Pitts is a mismatch for opposing defenses. A tight end duo of Mike Gesicki and Kyle Pitts would instantly become one of the best if not the best in the league. While it might not mean much, George Godsey, one of Miami’s co offensive coordinators was previously their tight ends coach. He might very well like an offense that would include Pitts

2.  Ja’Marr Chase 

Ja’Marr Chase is the number one receiver in this year’s draft. Coming in at 6’1 and 201 lbs, Chase is a hugely talented prospect. The last time Chase played, in 2019, he totalled 20 touchdowns, 1780 yards and 24 deep catches. Chase can do whatever Miami would like, he can go deep and he can go short. He would be an incredible weapon for Tua. Chase is set up to be a successful receiver in the NFL and would improve Miami’s current receiving group of Devante Parker, Will Fuller and Mike Gesicki.

3. Jaylen Waddle 

If the Dolphins miss out on Pitts and Chase it would be hard to go wrong between Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith. Waddle is one of the fastest players in this draft and would fit well with Will Fuller who is also one of the faster receivers in the league. Tua would be reunited with his former receiver who averaged 19.2 yards per target prior to his injury. 

4. Devonta Smith 

Despite the worries of Smith’s build nobody can deny the historic season the Heisman winner had last year. Smith can create separation and beat defenders on the outside contributing to his 23 touchdowns, 1856 yards and 117 receptions last season. Like Pitts, Chase and Waddle Smith would be a great offensive weapon for Tua and they would be able to reignite that chemistry they had in Alabama together

5. Penei Sewell 

Sewell is one player that cannot be counted out as a potential option for Miami at the 6th spot. Even with the need of offensive weapons Miami needs help on the offensive line and Sewell would be the best option. Since Tua is a left handed quarterback, Sewell could possibly be moved to right tackle and Robert Hunt to left tackle. With this move Miami would be protecting Tua and could still move up in the draft for an offensive weapon with the rest of their capital that includes the 18th pick.

Photo Credit: The Athletic