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A: 584 Yards and 7 TD on 46 Receptions
B: 593 Yards and 6 TD on 61 Receptions
C: 802 Yards and 2 TD on 52 Receptions

Which stat-line is the best?

Stat-line C was rookie DeAndre Hopkins, stat-line B was rookie Tyreek Hill, and stat-line A was rookie Marquise Brown. That is elite company for a guy who many wouldn’t even say was a top WR in his class, which is absurd.

“Hollywood” Brown did all this in a Ravens offensive system that does not use wide receivers. There is a reason TE Mark Andrews, who don’t get me wrong is a top 4 TE, was top 2 in touchdowns this season among all receivers. The Ravens system is built for Tight Ends, yet rookie “Hollywood” Brown thrived.

One thing many praise “Hollywood”  is for his blazing speed. Even as a 22 year old rookie, many considered him among the fastest runners in the league. He most certainly was.

But what is insane is he played the entire season with two SCREWS in his feet. Yes, Marquise Brown put up stellar numbers with minimal reps and was one of the fastest runners in the league as a rookie, all with 2 screws in his feet. That to me is mind boggling.

“Hollywood” also has a mentor he can look to for advice. His cousin, former 1st Team All-Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown was among the league’s top receivers just a few years ago. Although Antonio has gotten himself a bad reputation, recently due to some off-the-field drama, Hollywood can learn from one of the position’s all-time elites.

Hollywood also made NFL History in his very first game by catching 2 touchdowns on his first 2 career receptions. The first one he took 47 yards to the house, and the second one was an insane 83-yard catch and run.

Marquise Brown against all odds put up a stellar rookie season, comparable to current elite, superstar wide receivers. He has all the tools to make it work, and I believe he is a future NFL superstar.

Photo: Clifton Brown/