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“This could’ve easily gone dead leg, dead patient, in a heartbeat.”

These were the words of the doctor at San Antonio’s Military Medical Center for the Intrepid when talking to Alex Smith about his life-threatening leg injury, turned infection, that he suffered back in November of 2018.

ESPN’s latest E60 Project 11 captured the ten month road to recovery for Alex, but now what does this mean for him and the future of the Redskins? Here are some of the possible roles Alex could still play while in Washington.

Possible Comeback

Smith’s comeback to the NFL is still not out of the question. His improvement over the last few months has been tremendous, and he still has the mindset to achieve it.

Smith posted a video on his 36th birthday of him working out with a leg brace. His mobility wasn’t completely what it used to be, but he was still able to complete his workout with ease, and his passes were very accurate. A comeback is definitely still in the conversation for Smith.

Mentor Role

Not only is he one of the most respected players in the league, but with 13 years of experience, three Pro Bowls, and five playoff appearances, he easily meets the criteria to become a mentor for Haskins.  Smith could help him grow mentally and help develop his game. He’s the perfect guy to take Haskins under his wing and help him evolve into a franchise quarterback.

Coaching Role

One of Alex’s most respectable qualities is the maturity he’s displayed throughout his entire career. He is an amazing leader and wherever he’s gone he’s been able to gain the respect of his teammates and coaches.

Both Patrick Mahomes and Colin Kaepernick have openly expressed the tremendous impact Alex had on them, even when he wasn’t a starter. All of this could point at a successful coaching role in Washington after his retirement.

Right now the future is unknown for Alex Smith. Whatever happens, his courage and work ethic can teach us the most important lesson of all, to never give up.

Photo credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images