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The two-year turmoil with Dwayne Haskins has finally come to an end in Washington. Last Monday, the 2019 first-round pick was waived by The Football Team after recent photos began surfacing on the internet of Haskins without a mask at a strip club, his second Covid-19 protocol violation.

His performance against Carolina, where he threw 2 interceptions and wasn’t able to record a touchdown before getting benched, didn’t help his case much either. Here’s what’s next at the quarterback position for Washington.

What Did We Learn?

It’s a consensus opinion that Haskins was handpicked by owner Dan Snyder. While Haskins wasn’t always thrown into the best situations, some of the blame must be placed on him. He was benched twice this season, fined twice for Covid-19 violations, and demoted from his captain status, all things that could’ve been avoided by him.

The success that Alex Smith was able to have throughout the season after Haskins was benched didn’t help him much either. It showed that Washington had the potential to be successful on the offensive end of the ball, and when Haskins wasn’t living up to expectations, many of his weaknesses were exposed.

Haskins has continued the “ unsuccessful Ohio State quarterback saga” and it will be interesting to see what he can do throughout the rest of his career.

Who to Target in the Offseason

With all this said it will be interesting to see whom Washington targets at quarterback this offseason. Ideally, Ryan Fitzpatrick could be the best realistic option. It’s not a given that he will be available as he performed well when put in after a sub-par performance from Tua Tagovailoa in which Fitzpatrick played well.

Another popular option that has been talked about in Washington is Marcus Mariota, which is a possible acquisition to target this offseason. Mitch Trubisky or Jameis Winston could also be other options. Other higher tier options include Matthew Stafford if Detroit decides to go ahead and draft a quarterback. Dak Prescott is even on the table

It is uncertain what the quarterback position will look like in 2021 or throughout the rest of this season for that matter. With Washington wining the division and how far they go into the playoffs will have a huge impact on what is in store.

Photo: USA Today