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After just releasing a mock, I figured I’d answer some questions, most related to the upcoming draft:


“Giants record this season?” – @giantsknicksterritory

If I were to guess, 6-10 or a lucky 7-9. Below 6-10 and Gettleman is gone. If they have a strong draft, more likely for 7-9, but expect more losses than wins. This team looks better, but don’t get your hopes up.

The receiving core is still mediocre, the offensive line still below average, and they have a rookie QB under a new system, a couple injury-plagued tight ends, a weak pass-rush, and a young, inexperienced secondary.

“How do you rate the Giants’ free agency signings?” – @bwebb03

I’d give it a C+ or a B. They overpaid Toilolo a bit, and should have rather payed the extra few million a year for Cory Littleton instead of Martinez, and all they got was a swing tackle for the offensive line in Cam Fleming. No long-term deals which was nice. They did not overpay too badly, just some minor things.

Also, here is an Instagram post link to my individual grades for each signing:

“Do the giants have a shot at making the playoffs?” – @beckhak123

At this point, I would say no. If they have a strong draft, then are projected to win 7 games, and win a couple extra, maybe they sneak into the wild card. If they do, I doubt and know they will not go any further. They had a lot of issues all across the board last year, and a new coach, $70M worth of free agents, and a 4th overall draft pick will not fix it, but I’m hoping we get a step closer.

“Who do you think the Giants will take and why? What are the pros and cons about that player? – @giants.visuals

I believe they will take a tackle. I’m guessing that tackle will be Jedrick Wills Jr. or Tristan Wirfs. I believe they’ll take a tackle because Gettleman loves guys up front. He has not necessarily shown the tendency to draft offensive lineman, but he sure has drafted a good amount of defensive lineman.

Also, I believe he knows that he will be on the hot seat this year. He needs to give Daniel Jones protection to get this offense going. Dynamic skill players all around, but no strong offensive line to protect. I believe he will invest heavily in the offensive line, even if that means using first two picks in the draft will be spent on offensive lineman.

Also, the system Jason Garrett runs require deep routes. Those routes need time to develop, and we need a line to give us that time. Drafting a lineman will help all the playmakers on our offense reach their true potential. Also, drafting a lineman forces you to pass on defensive superstars like Jeff Okudah and Isaiah Simmons.

“If you can break it down to three guys, who should I expect the Giants to pick?” -@ryan_ags8621

Either Wills, Wirfs, or Simmons. Gettleman has made quotes recently about how both sides of the ball need work, and reports have come out about this player and that player, but it is smokescreen season. Though, I believe the Giants will take either a versatile superstar for their defense, or a tackle.

Wills’ knock is that he plays the right side, which is why he may not be the first tackle off the board. He is the best tackle in my opinion, but he will not protect Daniel Jones’ blindside. Wirfs is an athletic beast, who showed it at the combine, he also plays left tackle and is believed to be able to play guard by scouts. Simmons would instantly boost the defense, but due to the GM, I think he’ll love a tackle more than Simmons.

“Do you think drafting an OT at 4 will likely take us to the playoffs?” – @therealgs_

No. Unless there is a miracle, the Giants will not be heading to the postseason this year. A lineman will help fix the offensive line and help the skill players on offense reach their full potential. A lineman will help the offense take a big step forward, but the defense would still need work, and one lineman also will not fix the entire offensive line. Sure, drafting a lineman is not the most exciting pick, but the offense will benefit.

“Which tackle is the most pro-ready? Which has the highest potential?” -@nyg247

I believe Georgia’s Andrew Thomas is the most pro-ready of the top tackle prospects as I believe he possesses the best technique. Although, Joe Judge has stated that he is not looking for pro-ready players, and that he is looking for players with ‘long-term upside.’

The tackle I believe has the highest potential is Jedrick Wills. You may ask why Wills would not be pro-ready. I think that the Giants may want to transition Wills from right to left tackle, and that would force Wills to completely reverse is footwork, which might mess with his rookie development. But, if that does not affect him, I believe he has a very high ceiling.


Answering questions from you guys was really fun and I look forward to doing this soon. For those who asked great questions, thank you!

Photo: Sports Illustrated