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Right now the UFC is growing very rapidly and becoming more popular. Most new fans might be confused when they hear about certain fighters. This article should help you understand what famous athlete these fighters resemble.

Conor McGregor=LeBron James

Connor and LeBron are the biggest stars in their sports. They are making the most money in their sport and are both household names. Aside from tem having one of the best careers in their respective sports. these two are very similar. LeBron is a 3x NBA Champ, and McGregor has held three different titles (Interim featherweight, featherweight and lightweight). However, both champions have faced failure, with LeBron has lost six times in the finals, and McGregor not defending his belt by losing to Khabib.

Isreal Adesanya=Patrick Mahomes

Isreal and Patrick are at the top of their games right now. Adesanya is the Middle-weight Champion and Mahomes coming off a Super Bowl MVP. These men are also young, fan favorites. Another similarity between these two is that they took their time and made an immediate impact in their respective games. Mahomes didn’t start his rookie year and instead developed into winning an MVP the following season. Adesanya took his time to start to his UFC career, joining at age 28, but later became a champion less that two years later.

Nate Diaz=Nick Foles

Nate and Nick both had long and respected careers before their big moment to shine. For Nate Diaz, it was beating Conor McGregor. For Foles, it was winning a Super Bowl MVP as a long time backup QB. Both big moments came on short notice; Diaz fought and won on 11 days out from the fight, and Foles was only starting because of Wentz’s injury.

Khabib Nurmagomedov=Steph Curry

Khabib and Steph have had a lot of success in their careers; both becoming multiple time champions in their sport. They both also seem to have a very one dimensional game, Curry is a sharp shooter and Khabib is a grappler. However, these two are so skilled with perfected craft that they are able to execute greatly at the highest level.

Jon Jones=Tom Brady

Jon and Tom are one of the GOATs in their sports. However, the both will always have an asterisk next to their name because of haters. For Jones, it is his failed drug tests; both from steroids and cocaine. For Brady, it is the countless scandals he has been apart of; such as “deflate-gate”. This is also fitting because Jones’ brother Chandler, the All Pro DE, won a super bowl with Brady.

Photos: Connor: Getty Images; LeBron: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images