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I could’ve been a bum, I could’ve been in jail, I could’ve been dead.

This is how Dennis Rodman starts off the third episode referring to the NBA world, and their misunderstanding of who he is.

Before Game 5 of a Bulls-Cavs series in 1989, Michael Jordan pointed to a reporter that predicted a Cavaliers sweep saying that he “took care of you”, as well as the other reporter that picked a Cavs win in 4 games.

Jordan then pointed to the final reporter, Sam Smith, who predicted the Cavs winning in 5, saying he was going to take care of him today.

At the end of the game, Jordan hit the game-winning shot.

In 1995, Dennis Rodman signed with the Bulls, and on the acquisition Scottie Pippen stated that he fit like “a hand in a glove”.

In the 1997-98 season, Scottie Pippen made a decision to sit out until he was traded, which obviously didn’t happen.

When asked about why he changed his mind on sitting out, Scottie said he would “lose” in a situation where he and management tried to play “hardball”.

Scottie also stated that he knew the Bulls weren’t going to trade him.

Michael Jordan was not a fan of Phil Jackson when Phil arrived.

Phil Jackson ran a famous philosophy called the “Triangle Offense”, which was meant to give everyone an equal opportunity.

After two years in a row of losing to the Pistons, the Bulls needed revenge, and that’s exactly what they got, beating the Pistons in a 4-game sweep in the Eastern Conference Finals.

After the final game of the series, the Pistons made a questionable decision to leave the court with 10 seconds still left to play in the game.

Isiah Thomas, a former Pistons star, expressed his regret in the situation, stating that he and his team thought it was okay to walk off the court.

Michael, however, objectified bringing across the message that it was unsportsmanlike the way the Pistons walked off the court.

Jordan pointed out how he and his Bulls shook the Pistons’ hands two years in a row after the Bulls lost.

The Bulls ended up beating the Lakers in the NBA Finals, winning their first NBA Championship in what would be their first three-peat.

Photo Credit: Sam Forenchich / NBAE