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Within this crazy year of 2020, believe it or not, a new football league is on the rise. The name of this league may confuse you, and the league itself may be something you’ve never heard of before. But trust me when I say that by the end of this article, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t heard of this before, and maybe even where you can sign up. Because in 2021, the Fan-Controlled Football League is starting play, and the success of this league could change football forever.

Allow me to introduce you to the Fan-Controlled Football League. The FCFL is a four-team indoor football league that’s planning on starting play in February 2021 within their own “bubble” in Las Vegas. Each team has celebrity “owners” that are backing the franchises with money. These teams are: The Wild Aces (owned by YouTuber Greg Miller and RB Austin Ekeler), The Beasts (Marshawn Lynch and Miro), The Zappers (Bob Menery and Trevor May) and The Glacier Boyz (Quavo, Richard Sherman, and Deestroying).

One thing that sets apart this league however is that everything is controlled by fans. And not just little things like team hashtags or logos, even though those are there too. No, I mean everything is controlled by the fans. From building the team’s rosters, to jersey selection, to even play-calling, the FCFL truly lives up to its “fan-controlled” moniker. For example, in the past couple weeks, fans voted on team hashtags, jerseys, and a league rule (whether you need one or two feet inbounds for a catch). Fans have a level of control in this league that we’ve never seen before, and that’s sure to pique people’s interest when it comes to this startup league.

However, a simple problem arises when talking about this league, especially to people that haven’t heard of it before. The Internet can be pretty stupid. So, giving the Internet four football franchises may not be the best idea. You’ll have 14-year olds dialing up Hail Marys on 4th and 30 and doing whatever they please to wreck these teams. But the system the FCFL is using to combat this, I’d say is pretty ingenious. Once you sign up and choose what team to support, you can start voting. However, the more you vote, the more weight your vote holds. Thus, a kid can’t just pick up his phone on a Friday Night and have the same representation as a guy who’s supported his team since the beginning. I think this is a great move by the FCFL to stop any potential trolls.

So, the FCFL is a huge experiment that I think has limitless potential. The possible success of this league could result in a “fan-controlled” aspect making its way to the main football leagues, such as college football and the NFL. I know it sounds crazy, but in the age of social media, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fan vote determine some plays in future NFL preseason games, or fans getting to vote on Clemson’s jersey selection for its home opener. These opportunities could all arise in the near future if the FCFL takes off, and with its branding, celebrities, and overall image, I certainly wouldn’t be shocked if it does so.

*NOTE*: As this article is being written, Johnny Manziel has signed with the FCFL. Additionally, the league is looking to bring in Ricky Williams and Brian Urlacher. Big names are starting to hop on to this league.

Image: SportTechie