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The Dallas Cowboys are now 1-2 after starting off the season with a few disappointing games. Week 1 started off as an exact copy of 2019, with runs straight up the middle on first down (which defenses predicted pre-snap), aggressive defense that missed tackles for 20+ yard gains on screen plays, and miscues on special teams leading to bad field position for starting drives. This all happened despite an entirely new coaching staff being put in during the offseason including former Super Bowl Champ Mike McCarthy at head coach.

Week 2 looked completely different, where the offense wouldn’t stop turning over the ball in the first half and finally started getting in the zone in the second. The defense, meanwhile, couldn’t rush the passer, but special teams won the miraculous game after a 20 point comeback with a successful onside kick and a 46 yard field goal as time expired.

In week 3 the Cowboys rushed the passer really well with 4 sacks, but the secondary couldn’t stop Russell Wilson as he scored 5 touchdowns, including 3 of them to Tyler Lockett. The offense and special teams also had negative contributions with a muffed kick return at their own one yard line that led to a safety. Kicker Greg Zuerlein missed two extra points on top of all of those mistakes plus QB Dak Prescott fumbled once and threw 2 pics.


The Cowboys somehow still sit at the top of their division in the NFC East and are unable to take full advantage of the situation even with such a loaded roaster. The potential is there, it just depends on how Coach McCarthy decides to use it. So far, luck is the only reason Dallas isn’t 0-3 after of the improbable onside kick. They now have an easy couple games stretch ahead of them as they play the Browns and the winless Giants. The number one priority right now is fixing the defensive backs as they can and will give up big plays whenever they get the opportunity. This could be fixed by bringing in a leader DB from a trade or free agency and/or taking a closer look at the position during this weeks practice, even if it means giving other players less focus. They can also run the ball more on offense as they have a top 3 back in the league with Ezekiel Elliott. Yet, they consistently pass the ball and take barely any time off the clock. This results in the defense being more tired out and spending to0 much time on the field, thus giving opposing offenses more opportunities.

Dallas is basically being handed out opportunities to make plays and stay in games but are only hurting themselves by rejecting these “offers”.

Image: John Froschauer