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Every year, Madden fans complain about the game, but since we have no other football video games to play, we suck it up and pay $80 for a roster update. Here are three things I’d love to see in future madden games.

The first thing that I think we could realistically see in the next game is the ability to create customs teams. For example, just look at NHL 20 and NBA 2k20. The full ability to create uniforms, arenas, and mascots in Madden would be amazing.

Think of all the custom jersey concepts you’ve seen on social media. Now imagine using them in your franchise mode with all your favorite stars. It would add a great feature to make franchise mode that much more fun.

The next thing I’d like to see is an improved be-a-pro mode. Madden fans have wanted this for years, and Face of the Franchise was a good step in that direction. We finally got to play (two) college games, and have a few cut scenes. The problem is that after you’re drafted the in-depth cut scenes stop, and it becomes a repetitive, regular career mode.

This year, they should keep adding more cut scenes to keep gameplay fresh, but also let us pick our positions. Not everyone is going to want to play quarterback, and becoming the leagues next best running back, wide receiver, or pass rusher would also be extremely fun to play through.. 

This next feature is something I don’t expect to see anytime soon, but it would be something that could totally make Madden the best sports game on Earth. If they added something like NBA 2k’s MyPark mixed with football, it could work something like this; 7 on 7 games, where you play as your created character.

Instead of having positions, each character would have a list of skills, including but not limited to throwing, speed, catching, tackling, strength, and much more. This would allow players to team up with up to 6 other friends to become the best team possible while playing all positions on offense and defense.

What do you want to see in Madden 21? Leave a comment below!

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