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We all know the story of the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz was an MVP front-runner leading up to his ligament tear in Week 14 against the Rams. Despite finishing the season on injured reserve, Wentz placed third in the NFL top 100 players of the year and won the Bert Bell player of the year award with 3,300 yards and 33 touchdowns.

Watching that season, was there any doubt that Carson Wentz was the best quarterback in the NFL?

Most people would say Carson Wentz has fallen well short of expectations since 2017, and there may be some truth to this with injuries definitely playing a role. However, Wentz has also been working and producing with far less talent around him since 2017.

This past year, Wentz finished the year at 9-7, and the Eagles were playoff bound. His #1 receiver was a former college quarterback who played in the AAF. Some may argue he has two elite tight ends to throw to, but no dangerous receivers to stretch the field. Opposing defenses could easily double Ertz and Goedert without any worry of being burnt on the perimeter. 

In Week 1, which was the only game Desean Jackson was healthy, Wentz had one of his best games of the season throwing for 313 yards and 3 touchdowns. Despite only having one game to throw to Jackson, anyone watching could clearly see that Wentz was able to take advantage of Jackson’s speed on the outside and use it to motor the Philly offense. 

As we prepare for the next season, Wentz has probably the most talent at receiver he has had in his career. Jalen Reagor, rookie out of TCU, ran an unofficial 4.22 at his pro day which is plenty of speed to stretch the field for Ertz and others to work underneath. Pair this with the speed and talent of Jackson and Marquise Goodwin, and Wentz will have separation all over the field.

There are no guarantees this season, but if I were you, I would get ready to watch Carson Wentz put on a show.

Photo credit: CBS Philly