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Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller had a… unique… relationship.

Reggie didn’t fear Michael as much as the league did, so both of them “locked horns” a lot, but they both stayed friendly.

While the Bulls got off to a 2-0 start, Indiana went back home and took the next 2 games to tie the series.

It was one day before Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Michael was hungry, and got pizza from the only place open.

Jordan ate it all by himself, even though it was suspicious since 5 people delivered the pizza to Jordan.

The “Flu Game” wasn’t the flu. It was food poisoning. The story writes itself from there.

Game 7 of the Bulls-Pacers Eastern Conference Finals, in Chicago.

Gus Lett was Michael Jordan’s best friend at the time, and well respected in the Chicago Police Department.

Gus would protect Jordan, and there was even an occasion where Jordan called Gus over to his house at 2 in the morning because he was so lonely, especially over the loss of his dad.

Lett was diagnosed with lung cancer, and MJ wanted to win for him, so he did.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals went to Utah in overtime. Game 2 goes to Chicago.

The Bulls dominated the Jazz in game 3, in fact, the Jazz only scored 54 points, the least amount of points scored in a game since the shot clock was invented.

Dennis Rodman wasn’t at practice after game 3. He was wrestling with Hulk Hogan of all things.

It didn’t matter. The Bulls won Game 4 to go up 3-1, a situation that had never been reversed in the NBA Finals at that point in time, and to this day has only happened once.

Game 5. Jazz up 2. 83-81. Bulls with possession at half court. Harper inbounds. Finds Jordan. Miss. Going to game 6 in Utah.

There was an issue. Pippen had a back injury. However, he came back, pretty much as a decoy.

The Bulls were down one with 37 seconds left in the game. Michael stole the ball from Karl Malone’s blindside.

Jordan takes the ball up, dribbles up to the top of the free-throw arc, Crosses over with a little push off, which arguably didn’t matter because the defender was already stumbling in that direction. Shoots. Buckets.

The Chicago Bulls won their 6th and final NBA Championship.