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Throughout NBA history, there have been incredible talents that have unfortunately been forgotten. They could be players that were just on an irrelevant team at the time, or were overshadowed by one or more of their teammates.

Here are three NBA players since 2000 that were All-Star / superstar talents, and have been forgotten.



1. Chris Bosh

Probably the most relevant on this list, Bosh was best known as the third option to a LeBron and Wade Miami Heat team that won back to back titles.

Though, he was a superstar in Toronto prior to forming a super-team in Miami.

At the Pinnacle of his career in Toronto, he averaged about 24 points and 11 rebounds on 52% shooting, and was named to an All-NBA team a few seasons prior.

In Miami, Bosh was a key player in their 4 straight trips to the Finals. Defensively, he was the leader in BPG and 3rd in SPG in the 2013 finals, where he was matched up against Tim Duncan.

Unfortunately for Bosh, his career was cut short in 2016 where a blood clot was found in his lungs.


2. Roy Hibbert

One of the best defensive players in the league at one point, the 7’2″ monster was the defensive anchor for the Indiana Pacers from 2008-2015. (Mainly known from 2012-2014)

The Pacers faced the Heat in three straight years in the playoffs and became one of the best playoff matchups of the decade.

Roy Hibbert was possibly the X factor for the Pacers in those playoff series, averaging 22 points and 10 rebounds, leading all Pacers players in the 2013 ECF, where they took Miami to 7 games.

With Roy Hibbert’s defensive presence, he was the player that made Indiana’s lineup one of the most versatile, if not the most versatile team in the entire NBA.

Despite Hibbert’s incredible defense and close range scoring ability, he did not have much of a jump shot, and couldn’t adjust to the offensive talent of other centers. Thus, Hibbert made an NBA exit at age 30.


3. Joe Johnson

One of the quietest and unnoticeable players during his years in the NBA, “Iso Joe” Johnson will be remembered as one of the most clutch players in the league by Brooklyn Nets fans.

Probably my favorite Brooklyn Net of all time, Johnson was a pure scorer for the Hawks and Nets (prime years).

In Atlanta, Johnson was considered a top 5 shooting guard in the league averaging 20.9 PPG for his Hawks career, and was named to an all NBA team in 2010.

In Brooklyn, Joe Johnson was never scared to take the last shot, and would deliver nearly every time. Johnson had a very high basketball IQ and was very efficient. He had a TS% of 53% during his time in Brooklyn.

Joe Johnson had a very successful and long NBA career, and has a decent chance at the HOF.

Photo: HeatNation