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Let’s be honest. If you watched the NBA 2K and H-O-R-S-E competitions, you had some much-needed entertainment.

The NBA and ESPN should continue this series of events because they have some uniqueness and entertainment value in them. ESPN actually has asked the NBA to consider doing these events beyond this season.

ESPN received many viewers because of these events. They got such positive feedback from the tournaments that I think the NBA should consider this, too. Maybe doing them during the Playoffs or afterward. Not only would we still be talking about the NBA after the NBA season and NBA Draft, but both the NBA and ESPN could try to make a quick buck out of the deal.

You have to admit, watching Kevin Durant lose to Derrick Jones Jr at 2K, and watching Chauncey Billups come back to upset Trae Young had some interesting entertainment value to you. Even watching Zach LaVine absolutely manhandle Paul Pierce had to have been fun, too. Watching Patrick Beverley talk trash during the 2K tournament to ultimately walking off after losing to DeAndre Ayton was pretty comical and interesting, as well.

The WNBA could create buzz and a more widespread and larger fanbase by joining in on the tournaments as well.

We saw WNBA player Allie Quigley upset Chris Paul during the HORSE competition, and I know many people who wondered, “Who?”

The WNBA needs to ultimately find ways to expand their fanbase if they ever want to make more revenue. Then, they could actually pay their female athletes like male athletes. That’s why these female athletes aren’t paid like their male counterparts; they don’t bring in the necessary amount of revenue in order to warrant that massive pay raise.

Photo: Sporting News