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The start of the new year is the time to establish goals for the upcoming year.  As we go into 2021, let’s examine some possible resolutions for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Jon Gruden: Playcalling

The Raider’s offense has seen tremendous strides since hiring Jon Gruden as Head Coach in 2018. However, the lack of aggression in Gruden’s play calling is having a negative effect on the team. This season, the Raiders lead all teams in short field goals (FGs within 20-29 yards) with 18. If the Raiders wish to become a true playoff contender next year, Gruden must be more creative and aggressive in the redzone. 

Derek Carr: Mobility

The days of the pocket quarterback is coming to an end as defensive linemen are getting faster than ever. Carr has proven to be a smart player with a decent arm but fails to perform when he senses any amount of pressure. If Carr wants to take the next step as an NFL quarterback, he must work on his mobility and stepping out of the pocket. 

Henry Ruggs: Route running 

Henry Ruggs was drafted 12th overall in the 2020 draft because of his record-breaking speed. What separates Ruggs from the premier rookies in his class is his route running. Speed can only get receivers so far in the NFL as it could be countered by a good defensive scheme. In order to be in the same conversation as Justin Jefferson and CeeDee Lamb, Ruggs must drastically improve his route running ability. 

Team: Make the playoffs

The Raiders looked like a lock for a wildcard spot in the playoffs during the beginning of the season. The Raiders would go on to have a 4-6 since beating the Chiefs in week 5. The main focus for the Raiders in the off-season is fixing their defense. If the Raiders improve their defense and Gruden begins to be more aggressive in his playcalling, the Raiders will be fighting for a playoff spot in 2021. 

Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports