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Nearly every offseason the quarterback market is reset by some QB, but Patrick Mahomes’ contract of 10 years for $450 million is not just going to reset the market, but it’s going to completely change the way we value not only NFL quarterbacks, but all players.

This deal is monumental not only because of how much money is being dished out but also the length of the contract. It sets a new precedent and the next few players to sign contracts will definitely be using Mahomes’ contract to leverage their own deals.

So how exactly have potential deals changed around the league?

Dak Prescott

Old Projection: 4 years, $37.5 million per year
New Projection: 4 years, $39 million per year

I’m projecting that this deal gets done before the franchise tag extension deadline because it has to… right?

Assuming that it does, I can definitely see Dak Prescott’s eyes light up seeing Mahomes get $45 million, and he can use that to get an extra $1.5 million per year. With the reports of Dak reportedly declining some pretty lucrative offers, it comes into question if he would accept the $39 million.

However, I believe that since deadlines make deals, Dak will cave in at the last minute and sign a $39 million per year deal.

Deshaun Watson

Old Projection: 5 years, $40 million per year
New Projection: 6 years, $42 million per year

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the Mahomes deal is Deshaun Watson. He was picked in the same draft class as Mahomes and has consistently been outshined by him, but he’s still a phenomenal player.

With Mahomes getting 10 years on his contract, Deshaun wouldn’t be scared to ask for a previously unprecedented 6th year on the contract and more money along with that. The Texans would likely pay that as well because of how much they rely on Watson.

Lamar Jackson

Old Projection: 4 years, $38 million per year
New Projection: 4 years, $40 million per year

Like Watson, I also see Lamar signing his contract in the summer of 2021.

Lamar, unlike Watson and Mahomes, isn’t the type of quarterback who is going to be great well into his 30s so I see him getting a shorter deal than those guys.

His deal also isn’t worth as much because of fragility, and he has less leverage considering he’s not eligible for the franchise tag until 2022.

The Ravens are also a team that prides themselves on making smart deals, and Jackson seems to be a team player who would see this. He does, however, get a bit more money because of Mahomes’ massive payday.

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