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Starting their season off at 1-2, the Washington football franchise who at one point in time seemed to have much promise, is now in question.

With Chase Young’s day-to-day groin injury and Ioannidis’ bicep tear which will sideline him for the season, Washington’s top tier defensive line has taken a minor step back from its preseason expectations.

After Haskins threw three picks in Cleveland last week and only targeted their number one wideout Terry McLaurin four times, many questions have come up about how successful Haskins will be in Washington.

Here’s the two most important reasons why it’s too early to call it quits on the Ohio State alum:

First Ten Starts

Statistically matched up against other successful quarterbacks over there first 10 starts, Haskins has not had as bad of a career as it may seem.

Josh Allen who has proven to be one of the most productive quarterbacks in the league so far this season in his first ten starts put up 7 touchdowns, threw 11 interceptions, averaged 6.37 yards per pass attempt while throwing on a 52.3 completion percentage.

In Haskins first ten starts he’s thrown 11 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, averaged 6.56 yards per pass attempt while throwing on a 58.2 completion percentage. Even if you make the argument that Allen was more efficient on the ground, compared to a pocket passer like Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, in his first 11 starts he had 9 touchdowns, 18 interceptions, and threw 52.9%.

This just proves that with time Haskins can still develop into a successful quarterback, which leads me to my next point.

Time and Experience

For quarterbacks nothing beats time and experience. Many forget that Haskins only started one full season at Ohio State and hasn’t had the opportunity to start multiple full seasons in a set offensive system since high school.

Giving Haskins playing time and experience will be best to help him improve. This will allow him to trust himself more especially when staying in the pocket.

Ultimately, it’s too early to pull the plug on Haskins and patience is going to be the key at the quarterback position in Washington. Tied with the Cowboys currently for the top spot in the NFC East, Haskins still has a chance to lead Washington to postseason action and only time will tell.

But giving up on Haskins now is something many should reconsider.