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Ohio State’s Chase Young has NFL teams drooling, but he shocked the world this week when he announced that his plan is to return to school for his senior year. For basketball fans, this is the equivalent to Zion Williamson returning to Duke for an additional year.

Young is a generational talent. His blend of athleticism mixed with his repertoire of pass rush moves would impress anyone. He has the same nastiness that Quenton Nelson had coming out. He isn’t scared of hand to hand combat, and wins consistently. With his physical tools and build, it is safe to say this shakes up the draft quite a lot. 

New York Giants

I would say this affects the New York Giants more than any other team. With Joe Burrow being seen as a lock to go number one to Cincinnati, that leaves the Giants in a perfect spot to select their next great edge rusher with hopes that he will one day be talked about with the likes of Michael Strahan and Lawrence Taylor.

If Young stays… this leaves the Giants in an okay spot. It is without a doubt that the Giants have a lot of holes on their team. They have been without a franchise tackle for years, and there are two very good tackles at the top of the board with Georgia’s Andrew Thomas and Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs. Each brings their own skillset, but I firmly believe both have Pro Bowl potential. The team could also look to stay on the defensive side of the ball and look to go after a guy like Isaiah Simmons or Jeffrey Okudah; although, I believe that warrants a trade back. 

Washington Redskins

Out of all the teams I’m discussing, I am the least worried about the Redskins, as they could still get a very good player at their projected positional choice.

If Young stays… they are likely taking a tackle in the first round with Trent Williams’ unhappiness with the franchise. I think they would be happy with either of the two tackles, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the team had a clear favorite between the two. I could also see the Skins favoring a guy like Jeffrey Okudah, given their current ties to Urban Meyer and the OSU connection. 

Arizona Cardinals

Unlike a lot of fans, I really want the Arizona Cardinals to invest in the future of Kyler Murray. It is no secret that Kyler Murray is a good quarterback and can make something out of nothing. That doesn’t change the fact that he needs to be confident in his protection. I think DJ Humphries has earned a new contract. He’s been inconsistent, but he looks like an elite tackle some weeks, but the right tackle position is among the worst in the NFL, and I hope they recognize that.

If Young stays… I could see the team taking a true #1 wide receiver with a guy like Jerry Jeudy or Ceedee Lamb. I am beginning to think the team is okay with their tackles, given the thoughts of some fans, so nothing would surprise me.

New York Jets

As Young made this announcement, there was a weep floating over the north east as Jets fans kissed the two top tackles goodbye. Although Wirfs and Thomas are the clear headliners, I am a big fan of draft riser, Jedrick Wills. He was the “other” tackle for Crimson Tide entering the year, being overshadowed by his teammate, Alex Leatherwood. Although I don’t think Wills is as refined as the other two guys, the sky’s the limit for this guy. Wills gets the job done, and has some of the most powerful punches in the class.

If Young stays… I could see the team snagging a true #1 corner in Jeffrey Okudah, but I pray for Sam Darnold’s sake that they address the O-line. If the Cardinals do grab their guy ahead of them, I want to see the team load up on draft capital and trade back, if possible

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Please, for the sake of the NFL, please enter the 2020 NFL Draft.

– Everyone but Ohio State Fans