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After the Washington Redskins announced they were changing their name; I questioned if any other names really should be changed, even if not controversial like the other two. I then did some research and found some truly awful names. Classic names such as the Red Sox, Knicks, and Lakers will not be changed because of its history. The Braves and Chiefs also will not be on this list as those names are unlikely to change.

Here are the worst team names in sports:

Anaheim Ducks – I found this name to be commonly criticized and for good reason. It’s literally a name based on a Disney movie from 1992. It also is just very boring and unintimidating whatsoever. Since Anaheim is near the ocean, names like the Rays or Dolphins should be considered.

Utah Jazz – This is one of the names that make absolutely no sense. The Jazz is from New Orleans but they moved 40 years ago to Utah. Some recommended names are the Dinosaurs and the Pioneers as both are part of Utah’s history.

Washington Wizards – What do Wizards have to with Washington DC? There are significantly better options such as Soldiers or Federals.

San Diego Padres – This name has always baffled me. In Spanish, Padres translates to “Fathers” or “Parents” which makes no sense unless they’re suggesting they rule over the Twins? Many names make more sense and pay homage to San Diego such as the Sharks, Condors, or Sea Lions.

Houston Texans – This name is redundant and doesn’t fit the other Houston teams that have a space theme. To go with the theme, they could be the Comets or Apollos or even become the Oilers again.

Cleveland Browns – The team has become recognized for losing and is named after their coach who though a legend, shouldn’t have an entire team named after him. Their mascot is a bulldog, so why not go with it?

Los Angeles Clippers – Similar to the Jazz, the Clippers make no sense in Los Angeles. A clipper is a boat that is popular in San Diego, which is where the Clippers once played. I think they should become Hollywood instead of Los Angles and some good names are the Stars or Fame. Owner Steve Ballmer is not opposed and they are moving to a new arena in 2024.

Toronto Raptors – The Raptors were chosen based on the popularity of Jurassic Park and have nothing to do with Toronto. Raptors are more intimidating than Ducks, but this name is still dated. Becoming the Huskies would be a tribute to the original team from Toronto.

Honorable Mentions:

New Orleans Pelicans – Suggested: Frenchmen, Gators, or Bayou

Philadelphia Phillies – Suggested: Underdogs, Fighters, or Revolutionaries

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – Suggested: Become the Anaheim Angels

There are many bad names in all four major sports leagues, and some are likely to change soon. There are plenty of names such as the Cowboys, Celtics, Red Wings, and Yankees that are incredibly popular and are some of the most well-known teams in the World.

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