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Sports are a microcosm of society. A quote many sports fans have heard over and over again, but haven’t thought much about it.

This quote was stated by Billy Jean King, the former No.1 tennis player of the world. She was an outstanding on the court, and was one of the best women’s athletes we’ve ever seen.

But, while she was incredible at what she did, did we as members of society take her play, her competitiveness, and her as an athlete for granted?

The answer is yes…yes we did.

And that’s not rare, for any aspect of life. When something we love leaves us, we are eager to want it back. And this coronavirus has done that to us sports fans. 

Sports isn’t just a game, not an event we all watch on our television, and sometimes go and see live if lucky. It’s a part of our lives, it’s what shapes us into the human we want to be. And this virus, this awful virus, has taken sports away from us.

And if there is a silver lining we can take from it, it’s this: We all need to appreciate sports more.

Whether that be the Super Bowl, a Big East conference game, or your High School baseball team. Appreciate sports.

Did anyone know the second round Big East matchup between St. Johns and Creighton would be the last sporting event they’d watch in a while?

They didn’t.

This virus sucks. But, we can all get through this. Practice social distancing, stay at home, and sooner rather than later, we will have something all of us love.