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The ESPN Layoffs Have Taught Us One Thing: It’s Our Fault

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn the midst of the crazy world we are living in, it continues to get crazier from ESPN’s perspective. If you haven’t heard the news, ESPN had laid off 300 employees and leaving 200 open positions unfilled, many of them being journalistic jobs.  While ESPN continues to be the empire of sports media (Phenom Media soon) many people, including former employee Bob Ley, showcased their frustration towards the situation. He stated the following:  “Trying to remain objective and unemotional as I learn of the ESPN team members laid off today. Not possible. Not as I see...

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SnapBack Sports’ Jack Settleman is Revolutionizing Sports Media

Reading Time: 3 minutesJack Settleman is the founder of SnapBack Sports, the most followed sports Snapchat account in the world with over 500 million views annually. Instead of building a traditional sports media platform on Instagram, Twitter or even TikTok, Settleman followed his shrewd instincts and started a sports media account on Snapchat. What began as his side hobby during his Junior year at the University of Texas-Austin, has now become a collaboration with the most exciting teams and figures in all of sports.   Settleman has also expanded the brand to podcasting by hosting a show with his longtime...

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The Effect of MLS Expansion on the Economy

Reading Time: 3 minutesWith the latest transfers of Matuidi and Higuain to Inter Miami, the MLS is looking to continually expand their brand and the league. These players were just two new additions to the list of incredible European talent coming to play overseas in America. This list includes the likes of Wayne Rooney, Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and many more. Besides the MLS being a great league for past-prime to come and have fun, the MLS has proven to be of economic interest for states and the US as a whole. In the past few years,...

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The Worst Team Names in Sports

Reading Time: 2 minutesAfter the Washington Redskins announced they were changing their name; I questioned if any other names really should be changed, even if not controversial like the other two. I then did some research and found some truly awful names. Classic names such as the Red Sox, Knicks, and Lakers will not be changed because of its history. The Braves and Chiefs also will not be on this list as those names are unlikely to change. Here are the worst team names in sports: Anaheim Ducks – I found this name to be commonly criticized and for...

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The 2K Tournament and HORSE Competitions Need to Continue After This Season

Reading Time: < 1 minuteLet’s be honest. If you watched the NBA 2K and H-O-R-S-E competitions, you had some much-needed entertainment. The NBA and ESPN should continue this series of events because they have some uniqueness and entertainment value in them. ESPN actually has asked the NBA to consider doing these events beyond this season. ESPN received many viewers because of these events. They got such positive feedback from the tournaments that I think the NBA should consider this, too. Maybe doing them during the Playoffs or afterward. Not only would we still be talking about the NBA after...

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