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Internet icon, Jimmy O’Brien or as others may call him, ‘Jomboy’, has undoubtedly revolutionized the way typical baseball fans watch a Major League Baseball game. 

Who is Jomboy and what does he do?

Jomboy first began his rise to fame with his influential ‘breakdowns’. These are daily videos which he posts on his Youtube channel titled ‘Jomboy Media’. The channel is incredibly successful and has well over 40,000 subscribers.

A breakdown is an explanatory analysis, involving the use of statistics. Jomboy takes a deep dive within all sports (including baseball) and finds the most unorthodox, most unusual plays and breaks them down to  where an inexperienced fan is able to better comprehend what is taking place.

His most highly viewed breakdown is of Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher, ‘Adrian Houser Makes an Error Then Pukes on the Mound’. This video has received over 7 million views and can be watched here:

Not only is Jomboy famous world wide for his comical breakdowns, but he also hosts a weekly Yankees podcast titled ‘Talkin’ Yanks’, which at its peak was number one on the Apple Music podcast charts.

Talkin’ Yanks is hosted by Jomboy along with his high school best friend Jake Storiale. The boys take a deep dive and discuss the daily headlines and top Yankees news and rumors.

In addition to Talkin’ Yanks, Jomboy hosts another baseball related podcast titled, ‘Talkin’ Baseball”. Jomboy and his co-host Jake discuss the weekly news occurring around in Major League Baseball.

On the show, he has many interesting guests including long time Major League Baseball veteran Phil Hughes. Jomboy has a way to getting his guests to provide the inside scoop that traditional journalists aren’t able to acquire.

Recently, controversy was swirling around social media surrounding the 2017 Houston Astros championship team being accused of “cheating”. Images and videos prove that the Houston Astros were  using a camera in their home ballpark to steal the opposing catcher’s signs. Not only were they using a camera, but they were also “banging a garbage can” in the locker room to indicate the batter at the plate that what kind of pitch was on its way. 

Jomboy took his talents to work and produced a breakdown to prove that the Astros were in fact, caught red handed. The video went viral and has been discussed about on television and radio programs such as The Michael Kay Show, Mike’s On, R2C2 and Intentional Talk.

You can watch the breakdown here:

Next season, I expect Jomboy to build upon his recent success of appearing on TV programs such as MLB Network’s Intentional Talk and DAZN’s ChangeUp. I anticipate that Jomboy will appear on more platforms, appeal to more viewers and continue writing unique stories.

It remains to be seen whether Jomboy’s success turns him into the main stream journalist or whether can continue to grow while staying true to his style. 

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