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Please welcome, sports betting

Sports betting has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the betting industry. It’s a euphoria for sports fans, who are able to wager on their favorite teams from all sports, against their biggest rivals, and win big. In a sense, it allows the bettor to feel as if they are a part of the game itself. However, due to its recent growth and complex nature, many sport aficionados stay away. This article will take a deeper dive into the breakdown of sports betting, and how to become a smart better.

Plus, or minus?

The most prevalent aspect of sports betting is the “plus” (+) and the “minus” (-). It is the basis of all bets. This simply refers to the odds in which the bet is held at, based on how the sportsbook deems the bet. A bet is considered the underdog bet if it is a plus, and vice versa for a minus. For example, in game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers were -190. This means that if one was to bet $190, he or she would win $100. Alternatively, the Miami Heat were +165. In other words, if one was to bet $100, he or she would win $165. This ratio remains the same for any amount bet. The plus and minus constantly changes based on how the game is going, with the sportsbook constantly updating odds in an attempt to gain the upper hand against betters.

The Spread

The spread is another heavy favorite for sports bettors to wager on. The spread refers to the amount in which one thinks a team will win/lose by. For instance, if the NY Rangers had +2.5 odds on the spread, the difference in the two teams’ score would need to be less than 2.5. In other words, if the Rangers were to lose 1-3, someone who bet on +2.5 would win that bet. By adding 2.5 to the Rangers’ tally, they would technically have won the game 3.5-3. Alternatively, if the Tampa Bay Lightning, who held -2.5 odds, were to win 3-1, one would lose this bet. Like the other example, subtracting 2.5 from Tampa’s tally would make the game score .5-1. To figure out how much money a bet would produce on the spread, the plus or minus is used. A mock bet could look like this: NY Rangers -2.5 (-110).

Over and Under

The over under is another big ticket item for betters. The over under is just as it sounds. A sportsbook will come up with a number, this being the combined score of the game at hand, and have an over or under option to bet on. If one were to bet on the under of this combined score, the combined score at the end of the game would need to equal less than the sportsbook number, and vice versa. For example, if one bet on the over of game 1, and it was 180 with the final score being 90-92, this bet would win. Since the combined final score was 182, the score was over. A mock bet could look like this: O185.5 (-125)

Website to bet on

If you’re looking to get into sports betting, I highly recommend using Bovada. Although the site only accepts Bitcoin, it is an easy and reliable site to use and bet on. Figuring out how to buy Bitcoin is easier done than said. For those who are big into cryptocurrency, you’re ahead of the game. Good luck, and happy betting!

Image: Patrick Connolly / Las Vegas Review-Journal