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While Brady’s future may be blurry, one thing is clear as day:

Tom Brady did not make the decision to leave New England — Bill Belichick did.

As some of you may remember, I wrote an extensive piece in January, explaining the truth behind the Jimmy Garoppolo drama, and the undervalued — yet very real — power struggle between Brady, Bill, and Kraft.

In that, I stated:

Robert Kraft is now faced with a massive decision this offseason. Does he listen to Bill Belichick this time [unlike the Jimmy G dilemma], and move on from Brady – despite the extremely sour ending – because it is the better football move?

Or, does he stay loyal to Tom once again, and set the organization backwards with a feel-bad contract for his QB, that will waste another season of a talented team, and potentially lose Belichick for good.

As we can tell, Kraft took my advice, and stuck with Bill Belichick — the man who orchestrated the dynasty — and the greatest coach of all-time.

While I am clearly on the “no Brady without Belichick” train, I am also realistic.

Brady is one of the best competitors we’ve ever seen in sports, and will do anything to win. That includes taking pay-cuts his entire career for the better of his team, and sticking to a conservative system, instead of trying to do too much. And of course, he is a world-class leader and captain; which permeates throughout the organization.

I will never discredit him for that, and it is the primary reason he has lasted for such a long time, and has been statistically successful.

Although, he is not the most talented QB and greatest to ever do it, as most constantly attach to his name.

If we just look at last season, I will admit he was at a disadvantage with his lack of legitimate weapons; but doesn’t that also expose him?

I mean, according to the Brady-stans, he “can elevate any player”, so why was that not the case? Plenty of other QB’s deal with even worse supporting casts across all units, for their whole careers.

The total disregard to the fact that football is a game of two separate units, and the biggest teams in sports is baffling. But not as ludicrous as when people credit a Quarterback for all the TEAM success, as casual, and die-hard fans do with Brady.

Brady played a huge role in the Patriots’ successes, but it’s insane to see how much credit he gets, over Belichick — let alone ALL HIS TEAMS!

And yes, those are the flawlessly balanced teams that Belichick (who many forget is the General Manager) constructed, and coached to perfection.

If Bill O’Brien’s recent incompetence with Houston isn’t proof to show you how hard it is to do both, I don’t know what else to say.

Let’s start measuring Quarterbacks on their personal performances, and ability to play a complete game from start to finish; not on the success of their defenses, and coming up clutch for a few late game drives, to dig themselves out of their own hole.

As much as I hate to say it, and as far more talented as he is than Tom — it’s exactly what Mahomes did at the end of the Super Bowl. Couldn’t overcome a great defense until he made a few big plays at the end, and got huge help from his own defense on the other end… and of course, he is credited with the win, and MVP.

Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous?

More importantly, Kraft sucked it up, and trusted the man who made Brady and the Patriots who they were.

Brady and Belichick have made it clear that they want to still compete at the highest level and win, so there are ZERO excuses for either side; especially as Brady can now pick a new team, and Bill wants to move on from last year’s success. 

I will end off with this as well:

There will be a winner of this war, and that will be Bill and the Patriots. That show is not closing until Bill is out of New England. The man has  backup plan, and he’s ready to unleash it.



And if you find some time today, re-read this article of mine.

Or, watch this incredibly telling compilation on YouTube:

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