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Sam Darnold’s Jets Tenure was the Ultimate Butt-Fumble

Reading Time: 6 minutesOn April 26th, 2018, I woke up in the shower. Not because I was getting myself ready for school: I legitimately slept-walked into the shower at 3:00 AM because I couldn’t sleep the night before the NFL Draft. If that story doesn’t describe the absolute thirst that Jets fans (like myself) have to find their franchise Quarterback, I don’t know what does. ———————— So how did we end up here, nearly 3 years later, with Sam Darnold in Carolina Panthers’ blue? The answer is the perfect storm that only the Jets could produce. I hate this...

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Patrick Peterson: “Petering Out” or Still Gas in the Tank?

Reading Time: 3 minutesPatrick Peterson will likely be going to his first free agency this year after reports of the Cardinals asking him to take a pay cut have surfaced. He is sure to bring in many suitors just based on name value alone, but how much attention should Pat Pete receive? After all, he is on the wrong side of thirty and hasn’t seen a Pro Bowl in either of the last 2 seasons after going to 8 straight and garnering 3 First-Team All-Pro recognitions. Is Peterson really worth another $14 million per year salary? If you look...

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Dak: A continuation of the same or a new precedent?

Reading Time: 3 minutesLast year it was reported that Dak Prescott was asking for $40 million dollars per year while the Cowboys stood firm at $35 million, a number that was turned down by Dak. Instead of a long term deal, he was forced into a franchise tag paying a measly $30.1 million for a one-year deal, but as this season comes to a close so does that contract. Once more, Dak will be petitioning for his money, but this year he has little to stand on. Will he fall to free agency, be forced into another franchise tag,...

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Brees And Brady Duel For Possibly One Last Time: The End Of An Era

Reading Time: 3 minutesRumors have been spreading that this could be the end of the line for the man they call ‘Breesus’ (Drew Brees) and the G.O.A.T (Tom Brady). This could be the last time we see this iconic matchup between the two future Hall-of-Famers. It’s also a revenge game for a former first-round pick. The Saints will be trying to get past their former embarrassments in the playoffs that have held this team back from multiple Super Bowl runs. The Buccaneers have their own storyline too, with such a win-now mentality, can they actually seal the deal? Can...

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Players Most Likely To Join Next Year’s Madden “99 Club”

Reading Time: 2 minutesEvery year EA pumps out a new madden game and along with it comes a new “99 club”. The 99 club is a prestigious group of players that get to call themselves the best in the game. These are the players I think are most likely to have a great 2020 season and boost themselves into the 99 club of next years game: Saquon Barkley, RB – NYG Saquon Barkley is the most talented running back in football right now and we haven’t even seen half of his potential yet. Barkley’s 3rd season should be a...

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