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This past week has undoubtedly been one of the worst weeks imaginable for Mets fans. A superstar outfielder is being traded to an already strong National League team, and the Mets deal to finally sell the team has tragically fallen through.

It all started over 2 months ago in the beginning of December, when reports stated that Mets were getting a new owner. This came to the joy of many, as billionaire Steve Cohen would become the new majority owner; but there was a big caveat: The Wilpon’s would be able to continue their regime for the next 5 seasons.

Though, there was still a lot of optimism because after 5 years there would be no more Wilpon’s, and the new belief that the team would now spend more money and acquire free agents from the top of the market; unlike the cheap, current owners.

Now fast forward 2 months, to this week, as a report swirled around the MLB that Steve Cohen’s deal with the Wilpon’s might not be happening anymore. There are rumors that the Wilpon’s had changed the deal around, which Cohen was not a fan of and ultimately led him to walk away from the deal.

Mets fans are now livid, as they have just been teased again. Now that there is no deal, this was all for nothing. All of the hype that there would be a new owner was all a waste. Everything that the Wilpon’s put their hands on will now be questioned more than they ever had before.

This was not the only bad news of the week, as the Dodgers boosted their already powerful lineup and made it even more dangerous. Former MVP Mookie Betts and former Cy Young Award winner David Price; along with cash will be sent from Boston to Los Angeles. All the Dodgers had to give up was outfielder Alex Verdugo to Boston and one of their back end starters Kenta Maeda to the Twins. The Red Sox made this deal in order to get some money off their books and get back under the luxury tax.

This move is a big blow to the Mets, as their fringe World Series chances have taken a big hit. The Dodgers will be able to run away with the N.L. West title, and have a good chance of getting the #1 seed in the postseason.

After the trade, the LA lineup is ultra-powerful. The outfield now has 2 former MVP’s, and their rotation just got much stronger. If a potential playoff matchup was to come true between the Mets an Dodgers; it would definitely be a must watch as 2 of the top rotations would be going head to head. A big reason that Mets fans will be angry with this trade is the Dodgers were able to improve and all they had to do was spend money.

This was definitely a tough week to be a Mets fan, as the Wilpon’s will still be running the team for a while, and no one really knows when a new regime would take over. It did not get any better when a rival  team was able to drastically improve with something the Mets don’t like to use: money.

Until there is a new owner, the Mets won’t be improving their lineup through free agency or by taking on a large contract. Hopefully there will be no more drama surrounding this team, because the Mets are very talented and have the chance to compete for a title. If the team faces more of this off the field drama, they will surely not be able to reach their full potential.

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