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The Seattle Mariners have never won a World Series. In fact, They’ve never even been to a World Series. In 2001, they won the most games in MLB History, and still didn’t make it past the ALCS. But I think that’s going to change soon. The Mariners are the team of the future. First, what other teams could be the team of the future, and why they won’t be. I will not be counting teams like the Dodgers, as their dynasty has already started.


The Padres have young stars, and a top farm system. Wil Myers‘ and Eric Hosmer‘s abominations of contracts are even ending soon. So why isn’t this team the team of the future? Bad luck. The NL West is arguably the best future division in baseball. The Dodgers are the Dodgers and the Giants and Diamondbacks have top prospects waiting in the wings. This will diminish the Padres’ chances of making the playoffs.


The Mets could be a dynasty. There is not a lot stopping them. They have talented young guys who still have not hit their prime. My question is sustainability. Michael Conforto and Francisco Lindor are both free agents after this year. Lindor even says he won’t negotiate after opening day. If they re-sign, this could be a dynasty. But it doesn’t look like either will.


Another good young team. Vladmir Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette, and Nate Pearson all appear to be future stars. The question here is pitching. The last four teams to win the world series had at least two All-Star caliber pitchers. The Blue Jays only have one, and Hyun Jin Ryu who is up there in age at 34. If their draft picks pan out, however, this team could be dangerous.

Now, let’s get down to the competition. What are the state of the other AL West Teams:

Angels: Haven’t been consistently good with Mike Trout, don’t have too many really good prospects.

Astros: Players are getting older, Forrest Whitley is not panning out as expected and the team is on the decline.

Rangers: Worst team in baseball but could get some top prospects.

Athletics: Small Market team, can’t spend too much.

These two things create an almost perfect storm for a future dynasty. The last ingredient? The team themself.

The Mariners have an amazing farm system. They notably have Jarred Kellenic, Julio Rodriguez, Emerson Hancock, and Logan Gilbert. And that’s not all. Currently in the majors they have young guys who are current or future stars. Guys like Kyle Lewis, Marco Gonzalez, Evan White, and Yusei Kikuchi. Pair that with the fact that Seattle is a rising city, and should attract free agents, and the Mariners are poised to be the team of the future. Get ready for at least one World Series in the Emerald City.