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Every year, the NFL hypes up the Pro-Bowl to all the football fans, despite the fact almost nobody cares. Not only is the game boring and meaningless, but the “Skill Events” are dry and overused. Let’s also not forget the number of players that only make it to the Pro-Bowl because of their name, when there are many better players – who simply just don’t have as many fans.

Add all of this, and you get a recipe for a cheap money grab that could be something so much better.

One small way to improve the Pro-Bowl would be to make a better selection of players. I won’t touch too much on this subject, because certain players making it are subject to opinion, but when guys who had years like Kenny Golladay, Josh Jacobs and Za’Darius Smith (just to name a few) don’t make the Pro-Bowl; I think the selection process needs a fine-tune. I think getting rid of the AFC and NFC selection process would make sure we get the best players and make for a better game (more on that later).

The biggest way to improve the Pro-Bowl is to make it meaningful. I think that they should format it somewhat like the NBA, with two current players team captains (not like past Pro-Bowls with retired captains) who pick the teams. Considering these guys clearly have all the money they need, I propose a large sum of money is donated to a charity of the winning team’s choice.

Another big idea the NFL could try would be something like what the NHL does, where 4 teams compete in a more backyard style game; where we embrace the fact that players don’t want to get hurt. Maybe it’s 7 on 7 and some players play out of position and try to pull off crazy plays. The problem right now is that the Pro-Bowl is stuck in the middle of being a fake game and an actual important football game. They need to embrace and commit to one side, and I think the more plausible side is the fun relaxed version.

Another fun way to improve is through skill competitions. While I like the dodgeball game, I think all the other events are somewhat boring and repetitive. I’d like to see some “one-on-one” competitions between the receivers and DB’s; maybe even in a bracket-style mini-tournament.

The NFL could also add some competitions for bragging rights. People got so hyped for the “40 yards of gold” event in the summer time, so I think that we’d love to see some more races from the NFL’s best. Other events could include the longest throw, or maybe have the players compete in a “Kick, Punt, Pass” event. Even having kickers compete in a longest (uncontested) field goal competition would be something new.

Overall, there are many ways to improve the Pro-Bowl that aren’t extremely difficult at all.

What do you want to see in the Pro-Bowl? Comment down below!