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“With the 24th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Najee Harris, Running Back, Alabama.”

This was a match made in heaven, all Steeler fans wanted to see Harris get drafted by the Steelers. After finishing dead last in rushing attack during the 2020-21 season, the Steelers needed to improve their run game and took the first step in drafting top RB prospect Najee Harris with the 24th selection.

Najee Harris put up HUGE numbers while playing at Alabama:

Rushing Attempts- 638

Rushing Yards- 3,843

Average Rushing Yards- 6

Touchdowns- 46

It is also good to note that Najee is a receiving threat as well who had 781 receiving yards, on 80 receptions… that’s an average of 9.8 receiving yards per catch, very high for a running back especially out of college.

The Steelers need to revamp their offensive line to make Najee Harris even more successful with the team. The Steelers likely will address the issue tonight (Day 2) since there are many top-tier offensive linemen in this draft. Harris was not regarded by all as the top back, as many regarded Travis Etienne as the best RB in the class. For the Steelers, it is probably best that they take an RB who can catch since they have used RBs in the passing game. Harris should instantly be a contributor for the Steelers out of the gate and will give Steelers fans another great runner to watch for years.