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Eli Manning has officially retired from the National Football League, after a great sixteen year career. His time was characterized by 2 Super Bowl rings and Super Bowl MVPs, four pro bowl selections, and six playoff appearances with the New York Giants.

A brief timeline:

2004: Drafted first to the San Diego Chargers.

2004 (Later that night): Traded to the. New York Giants

2006: Playoff appearance

2007: Playoff appearance

2008: SB Champ and SB MVP

2009: Playoff appearance

2012: SB Champ and SB MVP

2017: Playoff appearance

Notable stats:

  • 7th in all-time passing touchdowns
  • 7th in all-time passing yards
  • 20th in all-time playoff passing yards
  • 22nd in all-time playoff passing yards

Having witnessed all of Manning’s career since I have been young, it has been truly amazing to watch him overcome many battles in which he has faced. From throwing touchdowns to a multitude of receivers, to leading the G-Men to two Super Bowl victories, there was never an dull moment when watching him play.

Though of course, the debate will now begin for whether or not he deserves a spot in Canton, Ohio.

In my opinion, his multitude of achievements and leadership skills bring him above competition. He always was up to the challenge whether it was defeating the undefeated New England Patriots in 2008, or any regular season game, on any given Sunday.

10, you were one of the best to do it. On behalf of all football fans, we thank you for what you have done for this sport.

(P/C: NY Daily News)