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When you invest in stock, you’re hoping the company does well so you can eventually sell the stock and make more money. There is a major risk though. If the company does not do well, the price of the stock decreases.

Similarly, if you buy a basketball card, specifically a rookie card, the card is similar to a stock. If the player does well, the price will go up, but if the player gets injured or doesn’t play well the price will go down.

In this article I will go in depth into a few high school players whose card you should buy, and whose card you should stay away from.

Class of 2020

Buy: Jalen Green // Jalen Green is special. Green is a natural athlete, and he combines that with tons of skill. Green can jump out of the gym, and he is extremely hard to stop while driving. The problem for defenders is Green is starting to become a shooter. In a recent game against a ranked team he scored 26 points. He got doubled every time he touched the ball, and he was picked up full court. Green has all the tools to be a great player in the NBA.

Sell: Joshua Christopher // Josh Christopher is one of the most hyped high school basketball players. Don’t get me wrong he isn’t a bad player, but he isn’t worth the hype he gets. I think he will be an ‘OK’ player in the NBA. Overall, Christopher is over hyped for his ranking and the price of his card will be higher than its worth.

Class of 2021

Buy: Jabari Smith // Jabari Smith is oozing with potential. He has all the tools of a modern day power forward. He is a good athlete, he shoots the ball well, he rebounds well, and he can also post up on smaller players. Also, Smith is a good passer out of the post. Smith is rising quickly, he started off unknown and he is now a top seven junior in the nation.

Sell: Chet Holmgren // This is not as a sell. This is more of don’t buy, until he gains weight. Holmgren has tons of potential. He possesses a nice handle and a smooth shooting stroke. The potential doesn’t completely match the production yet. Holmgren will need to gain weight to battle in the NBA.

Class of 2022

Buy: Arterio Morris // Morris an uber athletic point guard. He is a taller point guard, he is already around 6’4″, 6’5″. Morris has a “killer” mentality, and he will try to dunk on anyone. The athleticism he displays on his dunks really helps him on defense where Morris is really good. He combines a good handle with an improving shot, Morris really burst onto the scene in a game against, UNC commit Caleb Love.

Sell: Skyy Clark // Skyy Clark is an extremely hyped prospect. Clark is a skilled combo guard, who can dribble, pass and shoot. Right now, Clark is small and skinny, but the real reason he is on the list is because of hype. Clark is overhyped by the general fans. He is ranked between 15 and 25, which is a fair ranking. A lot of people think Skyy deserves to be a lot higher. For Skyy to rise he has to play better competition and gain weight.

Class of 2023

Buy: DJ Wagner Jr // Simply Wagner is one of the most talented freshman ever. Wagner is wise beyond his years. I would bet on Wagner becoming a fan favorite in the NBA.

Buy: Omaha Biliew // Biliew has unlimited upside. He is a forward who can do it all. At this stage he is skilled, but he is nowhere near his ceiling.

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