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Before we start, keep in mind that this is my PERSONAL Top 5 Favorite Goals — and probably not yours — which is why we are here to debate.

What we can agree on, is that these five moments will put chills down your spine, whether you are an avid soccer/football fan, or not.

5. Roberto Carlos curls a free-kick from way out v. France

I truly don’t think anyone today could have so much power on a shot that seemingly went three feet outside the post. Don’t only watch the first clip of the video, because it surely does not do the shot justice.

Roberto Carlos was a talent that I never got to witness first-hand, but by this goal, he sure was one of the best backs of his era, and a Brazilian legend for future generations to look up to.

4. The Flying Dutchman travels to the World Cup, 2014

I was very lucky to have seen this goal live, even before I became an avid soccer fan.

You can try drawing this one up at the field near you, but it definitely is impossible to recreate.  The concentration Robin Van Persie kept on this acrobatic header shows why he is one of my favorite strikers that led me to love the game.

Check this out, as Iker Casillas is left frozen.

3.  Zinedine Zidane’s Inconceivable Volley, UCL final, 2002 v. Leverkusen

Again, try this one as many times as you want, and you won’t get it done. This ball goes up several feet in the air, and not only does he complete the beautiful touch, but he goes top corner with it.

This one amazes me, and as much as I dislike Zidane and Real Madrid, this one definitely cracks the top 5 most entertaining goals I’ve seen, and has the game significance to support it.


2. Mario Mandzukic hops on the bike, UCL final 2017 v. Real Madrid

This ball stays up in the air for a really long time, and I am surprised this one is up there.  A lot of skill in this one, and it could be the greatest team goal of all-time.



Are you not entertained?

I can speak on behalf of all fans that this one gives them chills.  The entire stadium has discovered that Manchester United, as it stood, would hoist the trophy at the end of the day, if City does not score a miracle goal.

Enter Sergio Aguero, a fairly easy finish if you ask me, and boom; Manchester City has won the League, and broken the hearts of United.



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