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Author: Josh Burrows

Champions League 2019-20: Tournament in Review

Reading Time: 2 minutesEnding in a win for Bayern Munich against Paris Saint-Germain, and therefore securing their second European treble, this UCL season truly had it all. Upsets, big stars, dark horses, and disappointments was all in store this past season. What made this year so great exactly: Football that highlighted raw talent and excitement all the way through. What better way to end the season than with a final that surely lived up to the hype, especially after last year’s lackluster matchup between Liverpool and Tottenham. Bayern did not cave, and because of that, kept good form until Kingsley...

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For the Love of the Game: Sports’ Greatest Signs of Respect

Reading Time: 2 minutesAfter watching Manchester City hold a Guard of Honour for the Reds on Thursday, I, along with all other fans, loved to see the respect Manchester had for the new Champions of England.  After all, from a viewer’s perspective, all we see is hatred, rivalry, and physicality between players and teams. Moments like the one that took place at the Etihad bring all sports fans together, and regardless of what team you support, nobody will look down on a gesture of respect by teams, players, or even fans. That being said, here are some of the...

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NBA Restart: How Far Can the Thunder Go?

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith the NBA resuming in Orlando in less than 40 days, basketball fans are excited to see their favorite NBA stars go head to head and how this complicated restart will play out.  One team that, although they probably won’t win the ring, may go far is the Oklahoma City Thunder, and they have quite a couple of weapons to help them make a deep run. First, we take a look at the 8 games that will determine seeding for the Thunder.  They play the following teams: Jazz Wizards Grizzlies Nuggets (2x) Heat Suns Clippers I...

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Top 5 Goals of All-Time

Reading Time: 2 minutesBefore we start, keep in mind that this is my PERSONAL Top 5 Favorite Goals — and probably not yours — which is why we are here to debate. What we can agree on, is that these five moments will put chills down your spine, whether you are an avid soccer/football fan, or not. 5. Roberto Carlos curls a free-kick from way out v. France I truly don’t think anyone today could have so much power on a shot that seemingly went three feet outside the post. Don’t only watch the first clip of the video,...

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The Improbable Rise of Shai and the Thunder

Reading Time: 2 minutes(P/C: Sue Ogroki – AP)   After a fairly disappointing season where Paul George and Russell Westbrook were expected to lead the Thunder deep in the playoffs; a 49-33 season with a first-round exit by means of Damian Lillard (you know what I’m talking about) struck the citizens of Oklahoma quite hard. To make matters worse, both PG and Russ left for new homes, and the Thunder then faced a serious question: will they be the league’s laughing stock? Enter Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Chris Paul, both a young star and a veteran, who have led the...

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