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Recently, Manchester City had their two-year Champions league ban reversed. Originally, the ban came as Manchester City was accused, and largely thought to be guilty, of breaching UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules. The main rule in question was the mandate that all teams must break even on the season. Man City was said to have manipulated contracts and agents to reduce their said spending, allowing them to spend more and still “break-even”

Upon receiving their ban, they almost immediately appealed, hiring very skilled lawyers in the process. The final outcome was $12.5 million dollars in fines, yet City was allowed to play in European competition. This verdict left some confused and questioning corruption.

If the verdict was not guilty, why was Manchester City still handed a fine?

On Twitter, many pointed out this hole. This being the case, it seems as if the club’s penalty was just lowered to only a fine. 

The fine, taken into account, is something that will barely affect City’s future transfers. Its most likely use will be offering a contract to one of their bench warmers. Still, the punishment signifies the club was still in the wrong, or else they would not have been handed a fine. 

The flexibility of UEFA’s rule enforcement has really shown through in this case. Many big-spending clubs across Europe will definitely be taking notes. 

Regardless, this ruling massively affects the rest of the English teams in contention for European soccer. Instead of 5th place qualifying for the Champions League, and all the other qualifiers being pushed back a spot, it will now be how it usually is. 

Teams like Manchester United, Wolves, Sheffield, Tottenham, and even Arsenal have all had their chances hindered slightly. Teams like the duo in North London have extremely high expectations and European football should be a staple in their goals. 

Wolves and The Blades are still ambitious as the underdogs trying to sneak into a spot. Manchester United are looking to build on a 17-game unbeaten streak and maintain a top four finish.

Overall, this decision has increased the competition for the remaining month but has also raised suspicion as to just how much Manchester City, and other high-profile clubs, can get away with. 

Image: FC Barcelona Noticias (News)