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The Big Ten has some historic teams with some of the most classic and recognizable helmets, as well as some teams with some crazy helmets, which is why I thought ranking every Big Ten teams best helmet 14-1 would be a fun idea.

14. Rutgers – Classic Red
Not much to say here, Rutgers has a boring logo with bland colors. Rutgers doesn’t wear alternates often which places them last. This helmet isn’t bad by any means it is just incredibly average and doesn’t compare to some of the helmets on this list.

13. Illinois – Classic Orange

Another team with a boring logo is Illinois, They have one of the better color schemes in the conference. The orange helmet with the blue logo looks nice but again, just nothing very special about this helmet.

12. Nebraska – Classic White

One of the most boring helmets in college football belongs to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. What stands out for this helmet is the simplicity and iconic feel of it. It would be nice to see them with a regular logo on their regular helmet, to add some points.

11. Wisconsin – Classic White

The white helmet coupled with the red logo looks simple and clean. Wisco utilizes a strong color scheme but points off again for a boring logo. This helmet is one of the most recognizable but doesn’t have the fine details to rank high on this list.

10. Northwestern – Classic White

Another team with a boring logo is Northwestern. The Wildcats rank higher than the others due to a unique color scheme on the helmet. The clean white helmets blended with the purple logo is a good sight for fans. You could pencil down ‘average’ for this helmet.

9. Iowa – Yellow Out

Iowa would normally fall into the category of nice color boring logo, but this yellow-out helmet with the big yellow stripe down the middle just adds something for spectators. Many relish this helmet and one simple stripe makes it 10-times better than their normal, casual helmets.

8. Ohio State – Classic Silver

Ohio State is known for having an unorthodox helmet in college football. A silver background mixed with tons of stickers, yes stickers. Without the  green sticker,s this is one of the more boring helmets in the conference but the ‘decoration’ bumps it up to number eight.

7. Michigan State – Classic Green

One of the best, if not the best, logo in college football belongs to the Spartans of Mich St. The green and white blend nicely together but let’s be real: the logo carries this helmet, which is why they are one of the highest ranking non-alternate helmets.

6. Penn State – Classic White

When you think of Penn State football, these helmets instantly come to mind. Iconic. Clean. Prestigious. The white with the blue stripe down the middle is so simple – yet – so clean. It would be nice to  see an alternate helmet once in a while for the Nittany Lions.

5. Indiana – Script Helmets

Indiana absolutely knocked it out of the park with these script Indiana writing on the helmets. These are so much better than there regular helmets and should surely be their primary. They have made some other variations of the script helmets but these ones stand tall above the rest.

4. Purdue – Moon Landing

The Boilermakers unveiled these sleek helmets last season and they are beautiful. The white helmet with the gold face mask plus the silver logo with the footprints in it just all come together perfectly. Many oppose the long term of these helmets but from a fans perspective, they should be a once a season trait.

3. Maryland – Terps Script

The Terrapins unveiled throwback helmets for their homecoming game last season and boy, these are the amazing. Maryland added a modern twist to the classic Terps script and the result were incredible. Many are in favor of making this their primary helmet on gameday.

2.  Minnesota – Gold Chrome

Minnesota had so many good helmets last season but these top all of them. The chrome helmets paired with the gold feeds off a clean look. The maroon colored logo with the gold chrome helmet just looks absolutely incredible.

1. Michigan – Classic Winged Helmet

Arguably the most iconic and recognizable helmet in all of college football is the Michigan Classic Winged Helmet. The blue helmet with the maize wings, is helmet is amazing and it would be a crime to not put this at number one.