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Author: Sammy Fromberg

Hansi Flick Aims To Leave Bayern For Germany, What Could Be Next?

Reading Time: 2 minutesThis most recent week, Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick has been strongly rumored to leave the club. Flick’s next step would be to the national team as they look to fill their coaching vacancy when current manager Joachim Lowe steps down. With Bayern now knocked out of the Champions League for this season, his decision seems imminent. His departure though, would force both parties down into unchartered territories. What could come next? For Bayern, a rebuild period may be inevitable. With their almost unprecedented success in the past season, though, they will move on very satisfied,...

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Meyers Leonard’s Comments Are The Continuation of a Dangerous Pattern of Antisemitism

Reading Time: < 1 minuteOn Tuesday March 9th,  Miami Heat player Meyers Leonard emphatically streamed Call of Duty on streaming platform Twitch. In a sentence that included lots of profane language, the NBA big man called a fellow gamer a “k*ke b*tch”, in a very nonchalant manner. Soon after, Meyers ended the stream abruptly and has not yet issued his own statement. It is clear that he did not know the magnitude of his statement. The situation is playing out to be eerily similar to controversy from last summer surrounding Desean Jackson, the Eagles wide receiver who posted a...

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VAR Makes More Problems than it Solves — Here’s Why:

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen  VAR was instituted in the top football leagues, it was a monumental day. It was hailed as the problem solver, an alternate to human error. Now, in hindsight, viewers can reminisce on the tens of points misplaced and they can only draw one conclusion: VAR creates more problems than it solves. After Matchday 26 in the Premier League, days after the Brighton vs West Bromwich Albion match which had two goals controversially disallowed, Chelsea had a stalemate with Manchester United. After the game, United defenseman Luke Shaw, referring to an incident where Callum Hudson-Odoi batted...

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Jurgen Klopp “Concedes” The Title For This Year, But Let’s Give Him The Respect That He’s Earned

Reading Time: 2 minutesAfter Liverpool’s 3-1 loss vs Leicester in the Premier League, a reporter asked Reds gaffer Jurgen Klopp if he “conceded” the title. Justifiably so, the Liverpool manager was visibly upset when answering “yes.” The season is barely just halfway done; why is this question even coming to mind?  Why should Jurgen Klopp be pressured to concede the title with more than double-digit games remaining? The question was abrupt and unprofessional, but mostly, disrespectful. Jurgen Klopp is a world-renowned manager acknowledged by both fans and rivals alike. Just last year, he won a historic Premier League title and...

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What the New Premier League Brexit Rules Mean For Clubs Around The World

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith Brexit, the entire United Kingdom will be undergoing massive change. Its biggest passion, football, is no exception. Recently, the English Premier League introduced a rule that bans clubs from signing foreign players under 18 years old. Additionally, clubs can only sign three under-21 international players, who will be allowed into the country using a point-based permit system. The Premier League, which has always attracted the finest young players from every corner of the world, may not seem so attractive after all. Many effects could be in store for all PL clubs. Firstly, there will be...

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