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Author: Sammy Fromberg

Jurgen Klopp “Concedes” The Title For This Year, But Let’s Give Him The Respect That He’s Earned

Reading Time: 2 minutesAfter Liverpool’s 3-1 loss vs Leicester in the Premier League, a reporter asked Reds gaffer Jurgen Klopp if he “conceded” the title. Justifiably so, the Liverpool manager was visibly upset when answering “yes.” The season is barely just halfway done; why is this question even coming to mind?  Why should Jurgen Klopp be pressured to concede the title with more than double-digit games remaining? The question was abrupt and unprofessional, but mostly, disrespectful. Jurgen Klopp is a world-renowned manager acknowledged by both fans and rivals alike. Just last year, he won a historic Premier League title and...

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What the New Premier League Brexit Rules Mean For Clubs Around The World

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith Brexit, the entire United Kingdom will be undergoing massive change. Its biggest passion, football, is no exception. Recently, the English Premier League introduced a rule that bans clubs from signing foreign players under 18 years old. Additionally, clubs can only sign three under-21 international players, who will be allowed into the country using a point-based permit system. The Premier League, which has always attracted the finest young players from every corner of the world, may not seem so attractive after all. Many effects could be in store for all PL clubs. Firstly, there will be...

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Legends Never Die, And Diego Maradona Is No Exception

Reading Time: 2 minutesOn Wednesday the 25th, footballing legend and Argentine icon Diego Maradona passed away. Diego Maradona was as prolific as any player can be. He was a finisher, a dribbler, a playmaker. Everything a player could want as an advanced midfielder, he had. Play his career highlights back. Right after, watch a greatest goals of all time video. There will be a tremendous amount of overlap. Diego Maradona was the centerpiece of some of the greatest plays in the history of the sport. In recent times, his greatness has been diluted with comparisons with lesser players. Still,...

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American Soccer Fans Should Finally Get Excited — Not Scared — For The National Team

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith Gregg Berhalter, many fans have felt fear and anger as the USMNT has struggled with minuscule teams like Trinidad and Tobago.  But, since upcoming friendlies for the team are Europe-based, the team’s schedule does not accommodate players in the MLS. Now, Berhalter was forced to look into Europe, where countless Americans thrive.  This has led to him choosing a squad akin to a mirage of water for American fans that have become lost in the desert. The squad is composed of 24 players not based in their homelands and is promising for just that reason....

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This Premier League Weekend Is One For The History Books

Reading Time: 2 minutesThis weekend, finished off by Sunday, October 4th, is one for the history books of the English Premier League. Almost every game had a decisive moment for a player, manager, and/or club. Many of these moments were fantastic, jaw-dropping, or awe-inducing. One thing that they all share is that they will never be forgotten.  Starting off on Saturday was a  continuation of this year’s premier league surprise team: Everton. This was a game that is part of a season to remember for a few of the components in Everton’s greatness. Namely, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, James Rodriguez, and...

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