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After Liverpool’s 3-1 loss vs Leicester in the Premier League, a reporter asked Reds gaffer Jurgen Klopp if he “conceded” the title.

Justifiably so, the Liverpool manager was visibly upset when answering “yes.”

The season is barely just halfway done; why is this question even coming to mind?  Why should Jurgen Klopp be pressured to concede the title with more than double-digit games remaining?

The question was abrupt and unprofessional, but mostly, disrespectful.

Jurgen Klopp is a world-renowned manager acknowledged by both fans and rivals alike. Just last year, he won a historic Premier League title and created an, until recently, unbreakable fortress at Anfield. The season before was record-breaking as well, when he won Liverpool’s SIXTH (Let’s talk about six, baby!) Champions League title.

Did Jurgen Klopp do all this starting from little-to-nothing just to be asked a question about GIVING UP A TITLE?

In all honesty, everyone knows Liverpool is not defending their title well. A laundry list of injuries (that rivals like to minimize) adds up over an entire campaign. All of Liverpool’s losses can be categorized into a cause of either no depth, no starters, or no experience, which all stem from this injury problem. It has not been easy.

Does this mean we forget what they have achieved the past two years? Absolutely not.

Jurgen Klopp is in the midst of his worst managerial season, the fault at which cannot be attributed to himself. Added to this, his beloved mother passed away earlier this week, and the man did not even have time off to grieve. He was not even allowed to travel to her funeral!

And just to kick a man while he’s down, you laugh at him in his face by asking this utterly disrespectful question to discredit him out of all he’s done for Liverpool! That’s absurd!

In times like this, the community should come together to support those that make the sport entertaining. Yes, Liverpool is not playing good, but the least Jurgen Klopp deserves is time and respect. Let’s work on giving him what he’s earned and wait before drawing conclusions on the rest of the season.