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The 2020 NFL Draft was regarded as one of the best draft classes for wide receivers, producing 6 receivers in the first round and 13 in the first two rounds.

It produced players who are soon to be stars in the NFL, like Jerry Jeudy and Ceedee Lamb. It also produced some great receivers, in my opinion, in the second round like Denzel Mims and KJ Hamler.

With all that being said about the 2020 Wide Receiver class, I present to you the wide receiver class that I believe is better, the 2021 wide receiver class: 

I’d say that at least six receivers are guaranteed to go in the first round of the draft, and that number could realistically go up to as high as eight in the first round. So who are these receivers that may be the cream of the crop in the 2021 receiver class?

Ja’Marr Chase (LSU) – Ja’Marr Chase has great hands and he can also get up which allows him to make some tough contested catches. He also has great tracking ability and a solid amount of quickness. He’s the heart and soul of the LSU offense.

Projected Range: Mid-Early to Mid First Round

Justyn Ross (Clemson) – Ross underwent neck surgery, which had the potential to derail his career, but apparently it’s going well so far. Ross has the best hands in college football by far and his catch radius is massive. He’s got great size and solid speed and he’ll be great in the NFL.

Projected Range(assuming he recovers): Mid-Early to Mid First Round

Jaylen Waddle (Alabama) – Waddle is extremely dynamic with great over the top speed to go with nice elusiveness. His route running ability allows him to gain a lot of separation and because of his explosiveness he’s great in the open field.

Projected Range: Mid First Round

Devonta Smith (Alabama) – He may not be the biggest guy or the fastest guy but his route running is just so nuanced and smooth. He’s great against press coverage and has reliable hands. Despite the fact that he looks a bit small he’s got strength you wouldn’t expect making him tough to tackle.

Projected Range: Mid-Late to Late First Round

Rashod Bateman (Minnesota) – Bateman was able to create plays on his own last year at Minnesota. He has great size and uses it unbelievably well. His tracking ability, body control, and hands are all phenomenal and he has extremely underrated speed making him a great deep threat. He’s also great after the catch.

Projected Range: Mid-Late to Late First Round

Rondale Moore (Purdue) – Rondale Moore has electric speed and great route running and he uses it to get open down the field with ease. He is incredibly strong for a guy his size at 5’9 and he also has great leaping ability. On the right team he can be an absolute monster.

Projected Range: Mid-Late to Late First Round

Sage Surratt (Wake Forest) – Surratt has great size and combines that with smooth route running and great hands. Although he’s not the twitchiest receiver he has solid deep speed and he’ll help whatever quarterback he plays for.

Projected Range: Late First to Early Second Round

Chris Olave (Ohio State) – Chris Olave has some of the smoothest route running in college football. He has the amazing ability to accelerate and decelerate at will which aids him a lot. He also developed great chemistry with quarterback Justin Fields showing adaptability.

Projected Range: Late First to Early Second Round