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Trevor Lawrence is clearly set to be the top Quarterback selected in the 2021 draft. In his first two years with Clemson, Lawrence has accumulated 66 touchdowns to only 12 interceptions. On top of this, Lawrence has produced a stelar 65% completion percentage in both seasons. To add, Lawrence’s record at Clemson is a phenomenal 29 wins to 1 loss. He is said to be the best college prospect since Andrew Luck. With all of that being said, he still may not be the first overall pick. 

Of the winless teams remaining in the NFL, almost all have a young promising, starter caliber QB. In fact, most winless teams consider their Quarterback their franchise guy. A clear example of this is the New York Jets. 

The Jets have had an absolute atrocious start to the 2020 – 2021 NFL season. Not only is their record an underwhelming 0-3, their offense has produced an abysmal 13.3 points per game while their defense has allowed 31.3 points per game. The Jets team has shown little to no upside this season, and is the clear front runner for the 1st overall pick. 

Jets Quarterback, Sam Darnold, is seen by many within the Jets organization as their franchise QB. While his career has had a slow start, he has shown glimpses of the star Quarterback he can develop into. The Jets may simply not be ready to walk away from the former 3rd overall pick. But if Trevor Lawrence does become the next Andrew Luck as advertised to be, his impact on the field will be greater than any player the Jets would use the first overall pick to select. Passing up on Trevor Lawrence is like passing up on the next Tom Brady, or Joe Montana. While it may seem like a sensible move right now, in a few years the Jets would come to see that passing on the next great QB is a horrible mistake. 

The Jets are not the only team set to make this mistake. The Giants, Redskins, and multiple other teams have a possibility of landing the number one pick. The Giants and Redskins drafted their franchise QBs only two years ago. But if they land the first overall pick, the correct decision is to add the Clemson prodigy. If Trevor Lawrence is not the first overall pick, the franchise will regret not drafting the NFL’s next great star for years to come. 

Image: USA TODAY Sports