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Recently, many sports pages have been putting out their top 10 Quarterbacks in the league, looking back on the previous season. I decided to put my own twist on it, selecting who I think will be the top 10 Quarterbacks in the league next season:


1. Patrick Mahomes

There’s almost no question here at the number one spot, as the Super Bowl MVP is destined to have another incredible season. Mahomes is changing the game and is already an elite quarterback early in his career. The kid is only 24. Wow.


2. Russell Wilson

Wilson was an elite quarterback last season, and will be again. The mobile QB is already among the greats and is still playing at a top level. The Seahawks play in a tough division but Wilson will get them to the playoffs — we’ll just have to see how far they can go from there.


3. Lamar Jackson

Will people ever stop talking about how Jackson choked in the playoffs just a little less than 3 months ago? Probably not. But that doesn’t deny the fact that this MVP is one of the best in the game. Jackson has truly changed the game as a mobile quarterback. And yeah, this guy can throw the ball too. Hopefully he can lead his team a bit further this year.


4. Drew Brees

Many thought Brees would retire. Some thought he would leave New Orleans. They were wrong. Brees is back for a couple last runs with the Saints. And yes, this 41 year old QB is still playing at an elite level. This team is a contender. Maybe their bad luck will finally run out.


5. Aaron Rodgers

Many criticized Rodgers for being “too old” or “not good anymore” last season. They’re wrong. Yes, he’s not the man he was ten years ago, but he’s still among the best in the league. With the amazing run game in front of him, he doesn’t have to worry about carrying a team anymore. And that’s exactly what an aging QB needs. 


6. Carson Wentz

Don’t you dare call me biased for putting Wentz at the number six spot on this list. Remember his MVP like season in 2017? Yeah, he put up better numbers in the two seasons after that. He didn’t make as many highlights, but statistically speaking he was a better quarterback. Wentz has also shown that he can carry a team for years to come when they need him to do so. This is the year he has to prove that he can take his team far into the playoffs.


7. Dak Prescott

See, I’m not that biased! Prescott didn’t have a great year last year. He didn’t have a horrible one either. The title I give Dak Prescott is “Game Manager.” If he has the right players around him and a decent offensive line, he will win you games. Without that, he’s below average at best. You may say that’s the same for every quarterback. If you look at the top six players on this list, you’ll realize that every one of them have led a team to wins without talent at the running back and/or wide receiver position. So yeah, Dak’s a great quarterback, but if you take away the targets he’s not even top 15.


8. Deshaun Watson

Well there goes his number one target. At least he has a decent running back…. oh wait. David Johnson isn’t that bad. But he’s not good enough for a QB without an above average wide receiver. Watson still has great talent and is still a top quarterback in this league, but I would be shocked if the Texans win more than nine games this season.


9. Kyler Murray

One spot below the quarterback of the team who lost their best target, is the quarterback who gained that target. Deandre Hopkins is still the number one option in the Cardinals offense, but is now surrounded by talent all around him. Other than Hopkins, the Cards still have Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk, Kenyan Drake, and Chase Edmonds. Lots of talent. If Kyler Murray can’t have success with this offense, then I don’t know who can. 


10. Ryan Tannehill

I do not believe that last season’s Ryan Tannehill was a fluke. I believe that this guy is the real deal. With the Texans declining, the Titans are in the clear for the number one spot in the AFC South. Tannehill will lead this team far, but the chance they get back to the AFC Championship is slim.


Honorable Mentions

Derek Carr – I have a feeling this Raiders team can be a threat in the AFC West, and Carr can get back to the great form he was in just a few years ago.

Kirk Cousins – I don’t think the Vikings will be as good as they were last year. But Kirk Cousins is still a good QB.

Matt Stafford – I always feel like the Lions start off the season as a top team and then fall apart. Maybe that’ll change this year.

Tom Brady – Brady to the Bucs. Wow. He’s gonna have a good year and the Bucs team will win more than nine games.

Photo: Matthew Emmons / USA TODAY Sports