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Who would have thought, we are talking about yet another mistake by the worst commissioner in all of professional sports; Rob Manfred. After the Cardinals have a member part of the organization test positive, we have now seen another game (soon to be games) canceled in Major League Baseball with the Brewers and Cardinals.

This comes after the Marlins had 18 members of their organization test positive for COVID-19. Keep in mind we are a week into the MLB restart, which raises the question, why did Major League Baseball not go with a bubble like the NBA? The NBA’s bubble has been active for a few weeks now and yet they have had 0 positive tests.

Rob Manfred and the MLB had no reason to not go with this. They were somewhat familiar with it, as Spring Training is centered around two locations each year. Granted it’s not the same but it’s more familiarity with the idea of a bubble than any other major sports league. You may be asking yourself, “this isn’t the NBA where they could invite a limited number of teams as they are resuming a season instead of beginning right?“

Well yes and no.

It would be difficult to do the bubble with all 30 teams especially with the size of MLB teams compared to the NBA. However, with the shortened season teams are only facing 9 other teams, only playing teams in their division and their division in the corresponding league (Example: NL Central plays itself and AL Central). So the MLB had the perfect opportunity to do 3 bubbles with 10 teams each.

They could have been spread across the country in their corresponding regions, similar to the NHL having two different bubbles. This seems too good to be true, but what do I know. With every passing day, the MLB season being canceled seems more and more likely, and we have nobody to blame except Rob Manfred.

Photo: CBS Sports