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Myles Turner has always been considered a borderline All-Star player with the tools to be a consistent All-Star in this league. After his first season in the NBA, fans had high praise for Turner and expected him to make huge strides up to now. Unfortunately, Turner hasn’t made the strides people expected.

Turner doesn’t do anything great, but he does everything well. He can finish around the rim, he can spread the floor, he can crash the glass, he can protect the rim and he can guard the pick-and-roll. Turner has developed into an elite shot-blocker in the NBA, being top five in each season and actually led the league in blocked shots in 2018-2019.

He is an incredibly versatile big who can hold his own against anyone defensively, and he won’t make any bad decisions on either end of the floor. The Pacers haven’t been a great fit for Myles Turner. He doesn’t get enough touches on the offensive and that’s mostly because the Pacers seem to prefer Sabonis more at the 5. Turner averaged just 12.1 PPG and 6.6 RPG in 29.5 minutes. His stats don’t reflect how good of a player he can be.

Myles Turner did attract interest around the NBA prior to the trade deadline and the Washington Wizards were one of those teams. If Turner finds a team that actually needs him, he can become an All-Star easily. He has all the tools in his game to become an all-star but he needs to be on the right team to fully unleash his tools. Turner would be an amazing fit for the Washington Wizards. The Wizards currently lack a center that can take them over the top and Turner would be the answer to that equation. Turner also hasn’t played with a great playmaking point guard during his years in Indiana. Turner and Wall would form a deadly pick and roll/pop duo.

Myles Turner needs a change of scenery and the Wizards should seriously consider trading for the big man if they want to compete at a high level.

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