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One name that I haven’t heard much this off-season is Matthew Stafford. My question is simply, why? He’s a consistently good QB who seemed to be doing strong offensively prior to his injury.

Let’s see what the stats say:

Let’s state the obvious, he missed the last eight games of the season. However despite this, Stafford threw for 2,499 yards, 19 TD, and only 5 INT. That would double to a season total of 4,998 yards 38 TD and 10 INT if he maintained that average. Those are some amazing numbers. Calculating in and doubling his 66 rush yards and 3 fumbles lost, and assuming he maintained his pace, he would have finished the season with 348.2 fantasy points, or 21.8 fantasy ppg. This would have placed him as the fantasy QB2 in between Lamar Jackson and Dak Prescott. If you were like me and hadn’t been hearing anything about him this off-season, that should blow you away. If he kept up his average he would have finished with the 2nd most fantasy points of anyone in the NFL.

Keep in mind this is a guy who is currently being ranked 13th of all QBs by NFL Fantasy analyst Michael Fabiano. As well as 15th of all QBs by Mike Tagliere (Fantasy Pros) and Jet Ratcliffe (PFF).

Now do I think that he should be drafted as QB2? Absolutely not. However — I foresee him being a perfect QB2 in smaller leagues as well as a solid starter in larger leagues.

Photo: SI