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The upcoming NBA draft has been referred as very top heavy. But like other NBA drafts, there are potential gems which will be selected late.



Paul Reed, Power Forward, DePaul:

DePaul’s surprising mid-season can be credited to the amazing play of Paul Reed. Reed was not only a beast in the post, but was the best defender in college basketball. Reed averaged 10.7 boards, 2.6 blocks a game, and 1.9 steals.

Teams that should give Reed a look are the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz.


Xavier Tillman, Forward, Michigan State:

I expected Tillman’s draft stock to drastically increase from March Madness as I believed Michigan State would make a run. But March Madness didn’t happen so Tillman has become a questionable prospect. Tillman is a very smart player and can defend every position on the court.

The Denver Nuggets or Minnesota Timberwolves should be a player of interest for these teams.


Devin Vassell, Shooting Guard, Florida State:

Vassell is one of my personal favorite players in this draft class. He has potential to be a great two-way player in the NBA. Vassell is a very good shooter and a good defender. Vassell also has a size advantage at his position as he is 6’7. Although Vassell’s passing game is very raw and he has trouble creating for his teammates, his consistency behind the arc seems to outweigh that.

The New Orleans Pelicans, Boston Celtics, and Orlando Magic all seem like great fits for Vassell.


Joel Ayayi, Point Guard, Gonzaga:

The Zags’ point guard this season was not much of a scorer but seemed to do everything else. Ayayi’s main strength seems to be his speed and athleticism. Ayayi uses his speed go get by defenders and finish at the rim which he is very good at with both hands. Overall, Ayayi’s skill set is a work in progress and is raw but improvements to his skills can make him a scary player with his speed.

The Washington Wizards or Sacramento Kings should focus on Ayayi if he is still there in the mid second round.


Kaleb Wesson, Center, Ohio State:

To be honest, watching Wesson during the 2018-2019 Ohio State season was rough. Wesson was overweight, slow, and struggled on the defensive end. Wesson turned things around this season at Ohio State as he shed weight and improved defensively. Also, Wesson became a consistent three point shooter as he shot 43 percent.

The Los Angeles Clippers or Houston Rockets would be great teams for Wesson.

Photo: Nick King/Lansing State Journal