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On March 24th, it was announced that former MVP, Cam Newton had been cut by the Carolina Panthers. This was a long time coming with multiple injury ridden seasons and a drop in play when he was “healthy.” 


Just like Derrick Rose, Cam Newton had a lot of success very early in his career. In 2015, as a 26 year old, Cam Newton was named as the NFL MVP. Similarly, Rose won the award as a 21 year old.

Just a couple seasons after Rose was named as the youngest NBA MVP, he suffered a devastating ACL tear that totally changed the course of his career. From 2014-2017 Rose was not the same player that we once saw dominate the league. He was shooting less efficiently and seemed to have lost his killer mentality that made him such an entertaining player.

A Comeback Story

After being out of the league for a season, the Timberwolves saw how hard he worked to get back to his old self and brought him in to come off the bench. As the sixth man in Minnesota, Rose averaged 18 points per game while shooting the second best of his career from the field and his personal best from beyond the arc.

Before the 2019-2020 NBA season was halted due to the Coronavirus, Rose was putting together another spectacular season–averaging 18.1 points per game with a career best field goal percentage. 

Where Cam Fits

Things may not look great for Cam Newton right now, but he is coming off of a year of rest and has all the tools a team would want in a backup quarterback.

I firmly believe Cam could have a career resurgence similarly to that of Derrick Rose.

The Los Angeles Chargers cut ties with Philip Rivers this offseason, and could bring in Newton as a low risk high reward QB to compete with Tyrod Taylor. Although I believe they will select a QB at No.6 in the draft, none of the rookie quarterbacks who will be available there should be trusted to lead a playoff team in year one.

Newton knows how to win, and is 100% deserving of an NFL roster spot.

Photo: Sports Illustrated