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The Cowboys have proved that QB Dak Prescott is the centerpiece of their offense, and maybe even the whole team. He was the only person that kept them together and helped them win games in this off year. Now that he’s out, there’s a huge leadership, talent, and confidence void.

RB Ezekiel Elliott is off  to the worst season of his career with five fumbles already and on pace for just a little bit more than his career-low for rushing yards, which came in 2017 when he missed six games due to suspension.

The defense is letting up historical numbers. The Cleveland Browns rushed for a franchise high of 307 yards, and the Cowboys let them score 49 points a few weeks ago. They’re also on pace to give up the most points in NFL history.

It’s believed that most of these problems have come from the inexperience and a lack of chemistry among the coaches and younger players.

With the trade deadline this Tuesday, owner Jerry Jones has said he will not be shipping out any stars to other teams. All of their moves so far were trades, including one with the Lions for a 7th round pick and Detroit got DE Everson Griffen in return. The Cowboys also cut DT Dontari Poe and CB Daryl Worely for more roster space to activate a few players off  the IR. This was also to resign Cooper Rush (the backup from the past few years) after their second starting QB, Andy Dalton, was knocked out with a concussion from a dirty hit during the game at Washington.

One of the most common questions right now is should the Cowboys just throw in the towel, or should they try to keep fighting and try to win the weak NFC East and make the playoffs?

Most likely, this season is over but it doesn’t mean that the Cowboys should just stop trying. They are a young team and they need to start getting more valuable experience. The coaching staff shouldn’t be afraid to take risks as there is nothing to lose at this point. The Cowboys should let head coach Mike McCarthy try calling plays and maybe even let some of the younger players get some reps in the during the rest of the games this season, in hopes of coming back even stronger next year. If I’m the Cowboys, I would try to get a top five draft pick while also not losing too much confidence. The fans and the team also have to hope this should hopefully just be a one off, bad year. 2020 has been very odd, and the over-hauled coaching staff has been restricted from normal interactions and improving players.

I would save your judgment for next season (if everything is somewhat back to normal) and hope that the Cowboys can sign Dak Prescott to a long term deal and help them take that next step up to becoming a championship contender.

Photo credit: The Athletic