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What is it going to take…what is it going to take? Philadelphia never backs up their talk, and they never get any better. Even as they get slightly healthier, they play just as bad. They have just as bad of coaching, just as bad of execution, and still have just as many injuries.


This was not the first time this season the Eagles first drive was their best for the entire game. The Eagles outplayed the Browns all game offensively and even defensively in this game without factoring in turnovers. But, Carson Wentz was sacked several times again, and he threw two more interceptions. Miles Sanders ruined that first drive with a fumble deep in the red zone.

Doug Pederson once again failed to get Carson Wentz out of the pocket. He also failed to run the ball in the second half, which was the reason for so much success in the first half. At the end of the day, the Browns defense SCORED NINE POINTS, which ultimately was the difference in the game. Oh yeah, the Browns defense was without Myles Garrett because of COVID-19 protocols yet they looked even better without him.


I actually thought the defense played well but it is the Browns. Every defense plays well against them. They contained Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt well all game until a huge Chubb run late ended up putting the game away. The defense even forced a fumble, too. They failed to get to Baker Mayfield like the Browns did with Carson Wentz, and he simply game-managed well. There was still a few too many big plays by the Browns offense that led to Philly’s downfall.


These Philly articles get shorter and shorter every time I write one it feels like. This week the Eagles play Seattle on Monday Night Football, yay. We will all get to witness these Eagles play even more miserably next week on national TV, awesome!

                                                     Photo Credit: USA Today Sports