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With a shortened season of F1 I decided to put together a shortlist of tracks that are necessities for F1 to race at this year in order to salvage the season and make it memorable.

1. Silverstone/ British Grand Prix

One necessary track is where the sport began at Silverstone. With the postponed schedule this race could prove to be an incredible race as British weather could boil over into the wet weather race all the fans deserve. T

his is the most likely situation for another version of last year’s German GP. Silverstone also provides a mixture of fans and superb racing every year no matter the weather which provides the perfect track for a limited season.


2. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve/ Canadian Grand Prix

The Candian GP provides a perfect example of an old world track that provides a spectacle. Last year one of the greatest battles occurred over the lead between Seb and  Hamilton resulting in one of the best races of the year.

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve provides a track that perfectly flows corner to corner and makes a beautiful F1 experience. This also provides one of the key requirements of making a F1 championship as it is required to race on at least 3 continents and this gives North America a race and is the best out of the 3 tracks.


3. Zandvoort/ Dutch Grand Prix

A returning track to the calendar could prove to be an injection of excitement. The new and improved track included majorly banked corners which would provide new overtaking opportunities.

It also has some of the greatest fans of Max Verstappen and could provide a Monza esque vibe while still having a new and exciting track.


4. Marina Bay Circuit/ Singapore Grand Prix

What is an F1 season without a night race and Singapore is the best night race on the calendar. It provides spectacular sights and is a street circuit which gives spectacular views.

This circuit is a physical challenge for the drivers which could have an amazing impact with the less conditioned drivers which provides a better and closer competition between the drivers. It also has the possibility of overtaking unlike other street circuits. This track provides a spectacular like nowhere else which formula 1 will need with a shortened schedule.


5. Suzuka/ Japanese Grand Prix

There is nothing that rivals the legendary Suzuka race track with its twisty bends and major level changes; it makes the track one of the more unique tracks on the calendar. If there was a roller coaster on the calendar it would be Suzuka and it makes it incredibly memorable.

It also holds the always iconic 130R corner which rivals almost any corner on the calendar and its amazing track bridge which provides amazing racing images. Overall Suzuka deserves to be on the calendar.

Photo: Populous