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Rakim Jarrett is a 5 Star Wide Receiver in the class of 2020. According to 247 Sports, Rakim is the 27th best player in country, the 4th best wide receiver and the best player in the District of Columbia.

Rakim was originally committed to LSU but on December 18th he flipped his commitment to Maryland and decided to stay home.

I got the chance to ask Rakim a few questions, below is what he had to say:


Q: What made you decide to de-commit from LSU and come to Maryland?

A: Maryland’s plan for me was much more clear in terms for how they plan to utilize me and I believe the education and resources are a lot more useful especially me being a hometown guy rather than going to Louisiana being the guy from “up north”.


Q: What does it mean to you to play for your hometown school?

A: It means a lot especially having the option to go anywhere in the country staying home to play for my favorite team growing up holds a little more value to me.


Q: Is there a player you model your game after and if so who?

A: No one in particular I try to take things from all the pros just in my own way.


Q: What was Coach Locksley’s pitch to you?

A: Really everything that I could do at another school I can do at my hometown school and it would have a much bigger impact.


Q: What are your goals for yourself and the team for your time at Maryland?

A: Team Goals: Win… Personal Goals: Play My Role To The Best Of My Ability


Q: In what way did Stefon Diggs — former Maryland star WR —  impact your recruitment?

A: He just reached out and told me his experience from being a highly touted recruit in the area to going to UMD and how much of a impact he had from day one.


Q: What would your message to Maryland fans be?

A: I plan on giving my all and making some great memories in College Park.


Huge thanks to Rakim for doing the quick interview, and I am so excited to watch you break out at Maryland this season!

Photo: 105.7 FM Baltimore