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With UFC 249 being postponed, we have to wait a bit longer to start watching fights again.

If “Fight Island” works out, Dana White wants fights to go on as planned; so let’s take a look at what the next title fight will be for at each weight division:




Flyweight, 125 lbs (Currently Vacant Belt): Benevidez vs Figueiredo II

This fight happened earlier in 2020 for the vacant belt, with Figueiredo winning by KO, but he was not able to win the belt because he missed weight. The belt remains vacant and with these two being the clear Number 1 and 2 contenders. I think a rematch happens again.


Bantamweight, 135 lbs: Cejudo (Champion) vs Cruz

With Cejudo vs Aldo being cancelled, I see Cejudo fighting former champ, and current commentator Dominick Cruz for the belt. Cejudo and Cruz have been taking shots towards the other for a some time now. Both men want to fight the other, and Cejudo is looking to take down another legend.


Featherweight, 145 lbs: Volkanovski (Champion) vs Holloway II:

Volkanovski defeated Holloway to win the belt last December. With the featherweight division currently stacked with amazing fighters, I see Holloway getting the rematch for the belt. Holloway is a great fighter and a fan favorite. There is no clear number one contender and until that person is found. I see Holloway being Volkanovski’s first title defense.


Lightweight, 155 lbs: Khabib (Champion) vs Ferguson:

This fight NEEDS to happen. It has been scheduled five times and all five times cancelled. It was supposed to headline UFC 249, but was canceled due to problems with travel, before the entire card was postponed. This fight is huge for the legacy of both men, and must be the next fight that happens for the Lightweight belt.


Welterweight, 170 lbs: Usman (Champion) vs Masvidal:

Jorge Masvial had an amazing 2019 winning the BMF belt, and the fighter of the year. Masvidal is looking to defeat Usman and become Champ Champ (in a way). Both men want to beat up the other, and its just a matter of when this fight will be announced.


Middleweight, 185 lbs: Adesanya (Champion) vs Costa:

Both of these men don’t like each other, and I was surprised when Romero got his shot before Costa. The trash talk has already started for this fight and both men are in their primes. It is currently the fight to make at 185 lbs.


Light Heavyweight, 205 lbs: Jones (Champion) vs Reyes II:

The first fight between the two was razor thin, and a lot of people believe that Reyes should have won. I feel that Reyes deserves the rematch for giving Jones such a problem in their first bout.


Heavyweight, < 265 lbs: Miocic (Champion) vs Cormier III:

After losing the first fight, Miocic, one of the best heavyweights of all time, was getting beat during their rematch in August 2019. Until he started landing bombs agains Cormier’s body, and ultimately finishing Cormier and regaining the belt. Cormier has said multiple times that this will most likely be his last fight, and with a stacked heavy weight division its only right to give Cormier his shot again.


Hopefully the UFC comes back and we can watch these fights, as well as many other amazing ones.


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